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  1. Looking for a factory front valance without rust. 70-72 Front bumper, doesn't have to be perfect. Stock Mag wheels, or something close to stock wheels.
  2. Lost most of my interior panels in storage. Looking for some parts to replace.. Need all panels/vinyl from behind seats all the way back to trunk.
  3. PGW is on my daily driver . It was put on by the previous owner. Not sure of the exact age, but I had the car 3 years. No issues so far.
  4. Looking for a set of 240Z slotted wheels. With or without tires.
  5. I have a radiator support already . Just need the bumper mounts and possibly bumper. Let me know z ya
  6. Looking for the following -240z radiator support with bottom rail. -Pass side headlight bucket -70-72 front bumper & bumper mount -240z front factory valance
  7. Still looking for both the engine and spare tire well.
  8. Looking for a driveshaft & bolts/nuts. Car is a 4 speed.
  9. I would check for boost leaks. Check condition of turbo impeller. When the turbo starts spooling, is there any hiccup or bogging? Does it build 10 psi? Does it seem laggy? What wastegate are you running?
  10. Looking for a L28 engine for my 240z. Looking for something running with carb conversion. I am open to efi though. Need 70-78 240z spare tire well also.
  11. I saw this car for sale. Were you trying to sell it?
  12. Looking for a good hood and passenger side fender.
  13. Looking for a set of 240z lowering springs. Would like eibach but open to other brands as well. Also need front air dam/chin spoiler for 240z, not stock but aftermarket.
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