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  1. You need to work on your tune, if you look at my dyno sheet you will see it is smoother and more consistent. you should not have all of the dips on your dyno run. I run 25* with California 91 so you should be fine with 25*.
  2. Make sure that you are running 25* timing on your motor that is where it makes the best power and 29* if you use e85. You will make 30 more rwhp on e85 with the extra timing. you can call the shop and find out how much timing you are running.
  3. JustAFantaZ-- this should be the dyno of your motor when it was in my car. You need the LT headers and a 4" intake to let your motor breath. I ran my car at San Antonio and had problems getting traction also and by trap speed was much lower than sacramento or searspoint track. You are not going to hook until it warms up.
  4. 724RWHP 780RWTQ Do you plan on taking your car out to the track?
  5. Your car was looking good at the dyno shop. I did not get out of there until 11pm. Mike
  6. Looks good, I hope to see you at the track.
  7. hello i was directed to you to by the man named john who makes the Q45 to 260z adaptors. I was wandering if you know what kind of axles are needed for use with this swap??? do Ross's axles from Modern motorsports work with the aluminum adaptors. thanks for your time i would really appreciate any advice you can give me.


  8. Hey dude, your pictures on the LS1 gas tank swap are not showing up on my computer. Could you please email me those pictures to milesj64@hotmail.com.




  9. After 5 years Stans car is out of his garage. I went over to his house today to help him load his car on the trailer to bring it to my shop to finish the swap. Stan has spent countless hours on this project trying to make everything the way he wants it. He has alot more patience than I do, there is no way that I could wait this long. Take a look, I am sure he will post up some of his pictures later.
  10. I wish I Lived in San Antonio so I could help you swap all of your parts to your new Z-Car. Does anyone know of someone that can do this work in San Antonio? JustAFantaZ is looking for someone that can help him. Mike
  11. I think that the truck uses different mounts. Can you send me a picture? Thanks Mike m_schaezler@yahoo.com
  12. Has it been 5 years.... Time sure flies
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