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  1. Hi all, I went with the Q45 R200 setup....you can find all the info on the drivetrain section...you can go to my cardomain page to check out pictures of what you need....this would be the cheapest way to go I guess and parts are available at junk yards... Good Luck!!!
  2. Time and mods are in my signature. This was with a good driver. 413 at the wheels and 391 tq. is the most it has shown in a dyno.
  3. Congrats, this is Joey's Z right, If it is you have a great car...
  4. I am in Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco(way down south) been here the past ten month's...When I drive the Z around it gets lots of attention from tourist.I have only seen around 4 Z's and they are most stock and old.
  5. The specs on my signature is what my car has ever since it was good to run, I have never runned NOS....I would rather supercharged it!!! with those numbers you should be at mid tens...Mas280 runned the 10.8 on a stock clutch,I now have a Textralia wich should make it go a bit faster cause it wont slip.
  6. So you believe me now? Last time I dynoed the Z was making around 415 whp and 39? torque.
  7. That suck's, Glad you are ok. One of my Slick's blew up while I was coming out of a curve not long ago.I got lucky I was driving about 55mph in a tight curve and there were no cars coming on the oposite side...The car went into the oposite lane but i manage to control it and got it to a side of the road.....I have spacer and never had a problem with them, I drive the car hard and take it up to 130 mph almost every time I go out.....Every time my wheels come off we double check the lugnuts. Good luck on fixing the Z....
  8. Well My stock LS2 clutch lasted about 6k, It was abused to get the 10.85. At about 7k I had a textralia clutch installed, Its good for about 700 h.p. and I was worried when it started failing.I was about to order an LS7 set up and my friend solved the problem.......So far I have around 4.5k miles in it and its holding great, the feel is nice too.I just dont like the light flywheel you have to rev the car a little more so you dont stall. I think it was expensive too....If it last about 30k it will be good though...Most of the time I drive it hard...
  9. I had some issues with my clutch at around 4k too, It started slipping and then it was hard to get into gear..Checked fluids and adjustments without any luck, It got worse and worse, I pushed down the clutch and pressed the gas and the car rolled...a my friend checked everything and came up with the problem.The pin that holds the pedal and the slave cyl. was coming off....its all fixed now...My clutch is holding up really good with slicks on...I have gone through a set of quik time pros and now running some m/t street radials. I would check everything that goes with the clutch and then drop the tranny if you cant solve the prob. Good luck!!!
  10. LS3 RX7!!! Hey mike do you want to do the wiring on a LS2 Engine going in a 72 Cheyenne truck???
  11. Hey Mike, Well I had one of our friends check it out and he ordered an msd unit, it didnt work cause it was for old chevys...Ulises orderes one for the ls engine and it didnt work either, it was used though...some electric guy from my home town got signal from all coils and used the msd unit, I dont know what its called....ask Ulises he was there when the guy was working on it...I have not checked the wiring....When are you coming down to visit. You and my brother have a Baby race going on or what??? Take care!
  12. Q45 VLSD R200,Mooser Axles from Ross,3.54 gear.you need a couple other things. you can look it up in the drivetrain section.
  13. Thanks guy's, I have the textralia clutch and its doing great. I will not be at MSA this year, My brother might be there. I have dynoed the Z and the most H.P. shown on a dyno was 415 rwhp..and under 400 torque...we could'nt believe the times matched the H.P. either plus it has a T56... I wonder how it would do with an automatic. I never turned the music down so you can tell how loud the car gets....I will get video from outside soon!!!
  14. I moved to Jalisco about 6 month ago, The Z turns heads everywhere it goes..Most poeple like the car,It's a very rare car here in Mexico so most ppl ask what is it.Datsun is a well known by their pick ups...
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