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  1. My tube chassis is almost complete, but I am at a small hiccup. Because I am going big tire - My lateral bar is almost perfectly mated up to the B pillar - and my tubs are flush there as well. So the main hoop and a few other bars are going to place me a little forward of full-rear stock seat location.... I will be using a Kirkey seat - but when we did a test fit - the steering wheel is super close. Who has shortened their steering shaft, and what was the process of doing so? I am using the standard 280z dash as well.
  2. I have 3 or 4 lower runners lying around. What would I do with the uppers? lol Have you had any takers for the RB manifold? I am interested. Do you need a deposit to get a spot?
  3. Hey Spoon, hows the swap going? I have 2 r33 GTST's and parts lying around, located in Grafenwoehr, Germany. PM me and I'll drop my during my spring travels, I don't travel too much in winter, SUV uses too much gas...
  4. Rolling at the moment? I am local-ish and need to know if I need to bring wheels / winch or whatnot to get this. Please PM me with better contact info. Serious buyer.
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