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  1. Have you ever dropped your tank to check for rust? Your fuel pickup might be (periodically) blocked
  2. My guess is its running rich because you have the wrong needles/did not install them properly. My suggestions: Check that the needles that came with the carbs match (if you can still read the markings) then throw them in a drill or dremel and straighten them out by hand (you do not need a lot of speed for this so be careful that you are not removing material). When you change the needles back to the originals are you still running rich? For the high idle, remove the center linkage between the carbs and see if it still idles high. The 260Z linkage has a nub on the linkage for the front carb that keeps the front carb slightly open. I had to sand it down for the engine to idle at a reasonable speed.
  3. Single or double? I should have a another set of pipes and mufflers in a month or two
  4. Still on the prowl for a Bob Sharp/ Arizona Manifold! Anyone have one laying around?
  5. IIRC either the BSR or Arizona Z car manifold had clearance issues with headers? I actually got my hands on an adapter but its a little beat up but Ill see how it runs
  6. Want to get a 4bbl back on the car. Looking to buy a 4bbl intake(I know a bunch of you have them lying around!), Holley 390cfm, and throttle cable if youve got it. Send me a message EDIT: Just to clarify this is for my L24 engine
  7. Just sold my daily driver 260Z and im looking to get back into the S30 game. Really just looking for a car without a ton of rust and mechanically sound. Im not looking to do any major rust repairs like cutting the floors (or really an other body panel) out. This car will be my only car and daily driver so it should start up and drive ~15 miles a day without a problem. Distance doesnt matter to me because itll most likely be shipped unless its close to 06905. Post here, send me a message or email me at flyingaero at gmail.com
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