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  1. Well its not engine specific and it has been done before but not in the way that we want. I should probably just go get a DOHC 4 cylinder and use that and just focus on swaping an Rb20 in my z with out this system.
  2. Thats all I really need for this project and then I can do solidworks simulations to get the information I need for my turbo project. Which is probably completely different then what you think it is.
  3. Can you get me and estimate for shipping estimate for shipping? My zip is 80015.
  4. I need help getting dimensions for a few parts of an RB20. I currently don't have one or have the current funding to buy one. So I need help to get the following dimensions: cylinder head intake ports, cylinder head valves, cylinder head intake manifold bolt pattern, cylinder placement on block, and spark plug placement on cylinder head. I know I just need to get my hands on one but thats not to easy in the USA. This is so I can make a basic 3D soildworks model to run some solidworks simulations for both of my current projects. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
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