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  1. Have some plans for mine, but here's how it sits now
  2. Anyone else spend time mocking up what they want to do to their cars? I did an illustration of my cars current condition (bottom) and played around with an idea for what to make it. Its a lot faster to make a whole lot of versions of what I'd like to do. Makes it nice to narrow down to what I'd like to look like without spending money. I'll probably do a whole lot more of these mockups before I pick a final.
  3. thanks. I like the wheels but it feels like it goes away from the japanese look (I think the previous owner was trying to make it look like american muscle, it also has louvers on the hood. I have restrictions due to my driveway so I wont be slamming it, just looking into some watanabe's. I have a lot of work to do under the car before I get there anyway (just stripping to metal and repainting to keep in good shape for many years to come
  4. gonna swap out the wheels and buy some coilovers, but this is it for now
  5. didnt do it myself (came with the car)
  6. I'm new to the forum and 240z in general (actually any kind of working on cars in general), so when I was generously given this pdf of a wiring diagram, I made it a little more readable for people like me who are new to electronics (should be able to be printed up big and in color so you can stick it on the wall. there are one or two wires that start up as one color and end another even though it didn't go through a switch or junction, so I'm not sure if the original plan was wrong or if I messed anything up. Hopefully I can help someone out as I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions as I get started in my project. so gotta give back anyway I can. http://www.airmayer.com/images/240z/earlywire.JPG
  7. For now its just about fixing hidden stuff. I want to strip interior, make sure I see no rust, and then por15 or rustoleum to keep it that way, pull front fenders and do the same. Basically I want to find and stop rust to start with. eventually I'd like to replace diff with a lsd, find a 5 speed tranny, and do some engine upgrades to be able to get squirrely with it and have some punch. Theres a long list of things I'd like to do, driven by time and money constraints. I love seeing s30's with the fender flares, just have a hard time cutting perfectly good flares, so that might wait a bit.
  8. Its not quite how it was described in the ad (ebay find), but its my start (my first 240z). Everything looks top notch until you look under it and in places like door jams. Nice paintjob when doors are closed but bad quality in the door receces' under hood etc. Electrical has issue with no brake lights or turn signals or horn working, and I need to get it up on a lift to look under it as there looks to be some rust starting. Overall a beautiful looker, but hiding quite a few projects underneath, which I'm excited to start on as it will give me something to do.
  9. I've done a search through the forums, but I'm either using the wrong keywords or looking in the wrong place. I'm posting this in the s30 section as I'm guessing more people that are into 240's are using transportation companies (to bring in from non rust states) any experiences with shipping companies and having ones you recommend? Or places to go to find auto transport companies? I need to get a z to bellvue, wa (essentially seattle) and I've got a couple potential buys in texas, and some other south east states. I've never had to ship a vehicle but have heard a few horror stories. A couple that I'm looking at have already been restored to some extent so I'm not just hauling a shell, I want care taken with this thing. ideas? cheers
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