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  1. dang how do I add a photo to the post on a Macbook? I tried copy/paste and dragging it, as well as using attach function when I originally made the post lol
  2. lol dang I attached a photo guess it didn't come up. I got NgoZ's PM and said I would purchase Its a 2 row ill see if I can upload a pic on this post. If the sale falls through I'll PM you my cell phone zentech.
  3. Hello, I was just about to install my completely rebuilt L28 finally and my bro tipped over my engine while I was out getting chain to hoist it. well the pulley is shot lol this is what it looks like. I would greatly appreciate being able to purchase one from you! thank you! Phillip Riggins
  4. Thank you all for the replys I think I'm just going to run a 2nd filter before my pump when I drained my gas a couple years ago there wasn't much sediment either so I think a 2nd filter will be enough insurance hehe that and I'm in a rush! Haha my Datsun is a 78
  5. I see, I saw a thread somewhere here of a small clear fuel filter that a lot of people were using post fuel pump would you happen to have the link to where I could purchase one?
  6. Ok cool well I filled up the bucket 3 times and each time there was about that much dirt stuff, that still ok?
  7. Hello, I recently drained the gas from my 1978 280z into a white 5 gallon bucket (had to drain it a few different times haha) and encountered sediment at the bottom of the bucket each time made sure none of it got into my gas can. Here's a picture of it, my question is should I be worried or have the tank cleaned if so how does that work? thanks! sorry for the huge picture didnt realize 'actual size' on my iphone was that big lol
  8. Hello, I am in need of a stock 75-83 z/zx Non-turbo Fuel pump, it doesn't matter if it works or not. I recently purchased a stock rebuilt fuel pump and apparently the fuel pump on my car isn't stock So please PM me I need it for a core charge looking to spend like $10-20 + shipping to San Jose, CA 95127
  9. Hi, I am in need of an exhaust manifold for a 1978 280z, with round ports. I seemed to have misplaced mine when I put my headers on last, although I think I gave it to the metal recyclers >_< needs to have threads for EGR tube. Shipping quote to 95127 PM me please if you are willing to sell.
  10. Ok so when I change the 4 prong outlet to a 3 prong outlet, what do I do with the extra wire that will be left over from the 4 prong? Just end cap it? I believe the two outlets are completely separate, because we used to have 2 electric dryers that could be ran at the same time, but recently we hooked up our new gas dryer, and took out one of the electric ones thus the spare lol. I'll double check with my dad though.
  11. I Have a Harbor Freight 230V 120A MIG/Flux Welder, with no plug for it (Manual says it draws 21amp max). It has 3 wires coming out of the power cord for a 3 prong plug. I have a spare dryer outlet in my garage, although it is the 'new' 4 prong connection. I was wondering what plug I need to buy for the Welder, and if there is anyway I can plug it into my Dryer outlet, to avoid having to run another outlet. Since I will be needed an extension cord of course, this is prob a stupid question, but is there a extension cord that goes from a 4prong to a 3 prong? Any help will be mu
  12. Well first off, my car is a 1978 280z with stock engine... and wiring :/ Has anyone ever rebuilt their stock fuel injection harness? because im having a PITA time getting my car to run smoothly, but its hard to diagnose something when almost every wire going to anything doesn't have correct voltage going through it, and im thinking it's just my wiring that's causing the car to run bad. I went through my underhood relays other day and measured voltage going through each wire, and out of all of them there was maybe 3 wires that had around 12V volts rest were around 10V. If you have r
  13. If my muffler made it sound like that I would definately keep it, but it goes from a really nice sound at idle to sounding like the civic in that video clip I put up :/ I got no clue why my exhaust is sounding like this, cuz when I had the stock manifold with 2inch piping up to the cat, sounded relatively like yours, (just not as great a note as yours did) now with headers and only about 2 inches of 2inch piping (so it can get into the cat) its horrible sound 2300rpm+ around 4800rpm I can't hear the exhaust anymore, only the engine and it seems to sound better though lol I like the under
  14. so that civic sound is caused by the generic 'turbo' muffler right? if so im gonna buy a new muffler tomorrow from autozone, they have 2.5" Flowmaster Super 44's in stock
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