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  1. Guys, I am in need of a pair of rear brake brackets that fits Late 280zx/maxima calipers. I had a set, I need another set but have no clue who is selling them. Ross a Modern Motorsport doesn't sell them. I need a set soon as the summer is ending and i want to put the car on the road. Thanks Dayz
  2. Guys, I need to find another set of these bracket: I had one set and need another one. Please tell me who sells them. They used to be 125$. If you know of anyone that can sell me brackets for the same calipers, that will do as well. The brackets need to work with 82-83 280zx/late maxima calipers. Thanks Dayz
  3. As Bill said, you should look into Lean / Six Sigma. We have done a few project, where the variables looked similar, the goal was to "standardize processes" in order to optimize a work week / efficiency. I believe there is an answer to your question, and YES you can calculate it precisely...It just depends on the data that you have at the present time. PM me if you want more info. Dayz
  4. Scott, It is normal. I am also in Toronto, and I get tons of weird offers. The best were an aquarium offer, and 3 leather jackets from another guy. I should have replied; 5 leather jackets and you get the car!! I hate selling cars, don't spend too much time with people you clearly see the serious buyers, put time on those. Also, good luck, the market for these cars up here is very limited. Maybe I should put an offer, I could be on that list! - Dayz
  5. Confirmed, I run a Turbo Automatic Oil pump with an NA distributor from a 280zx.
  6. Dayz

    Carpet replacement

    I forgot about this thread. I didn't use glue between the carpet and the underlay,,,I guess you could but it was easier to adjust without it. Worked fine for me. I stitched all the edge with a vinyl edge for boat carpet...I will post some pics later...I forgot to take some pics ...I guess I will take some later tonight. I believe I did a good job on this one.
  7. Thanks very much guys...Cygnus, I have seen the same page as well with obviously no success! I guess I will keep the C cam instead. Thanks Dayz
  8. Guys, I have a K cam...clearly punched at the end of the camshaft. What is it and where did it come from. I have read about cams and cannot seem to find it anywhere. According to Braap; you can measure the cam lobe in two places, one over the nose of the lobe and the other 90 degrees, or perpendicular to that for the base circle. Subtract the base circle measurement from the nose-of-the-lobe measurement. Now multiple that by 1.5 for the rocker ratio. Then subtract the stock valve lash clearance of .010â€-.012". Now that number should close to .393"-.413" which is the stock L-series valve lift. I get: (1.576-1.303) *1.5 - 0.011 = 0.3985 Which is a stock cam. Can you help me identify its origin? Is it worth more than a C stamped cam? I need to keep one or the other. Thanks Dayz
  9. Just to report, The miss was spark plug and Fuel Map. We realized that the stock fuel pump isn't up to the task after 4800...running a bit lean/not enough fuel to keep the boost up. The Dyno session was a blast and the tuner was quite a nice and knowledgeable guy. We ended up with 210 rwhp, at 4800...the tuner believes that with added fuel, we will be around the 240+ mark. Not bad for a fully stock RB20NA-T, where just the DET parts were used (intercooler, manifold, downpipe, turbo, as well as all the lines. Nissan made the Block all the same and included oil and water outlets on the NA version. Dayz
  10. Guys, What do you guys do for the bearing? Obviously the bearing doesn't contact the hat (in my case) 280z struts/insulators. Is there a bushing of some sort in between? Do I cut the insulator? Do I have to make a part on the late? Let me know, Thanks Dayz
  11. Guys, How will the bearing function in this case? Please explain. I am installing Coilover for someone and I really don't understand how the top portion works. Insulator > Bearing >hat > spring > Collar/Sleeve > How does your bearing rest on the hat ? Thanks for your help. Are 280z different than 240? I have read a lot on this. I would wait for the Pros to Chime in - JohnC - But I was thinking of trimming mine as well. Dayz
  12. I have another set of Coil Packs/Ignitor box...we will swap and see what it does!! Thanks guys, Dayz
  13. Aux, What do you mean, they took it out and reinstated it? (status I mean) Would it be possible to find an old "print screen" picture of what the old profile looked like and /or what options were there. I feel bad putting that on there, but know that you guys are helping me out !! Thanks Dayz
  14. Aux, So the profile I input many years back in Hotmail carried over to Windows Live automatically, and I became a member of a network without me knowing it? I went to the profile to delete the data, I saw people requesting me...how does that work, How do they see my profile, I don't even know them. ( In those request, there were girls which didn't help the thing.) Can someone confirms with me from memory that relationship status was an option in 2003? I owe some of you guys a Drink...Next time I am in your area Funny thing, I would rather do the whole wiring on a car than deal with this!! Dayz
  15. Guys, Thanks for the info. I might be wasting my time on this, but one thing I have is my word...therefore understanding how things work and explaining it to her. Her understanding is another story, but at least she has the info. I am trying to understand where I put a profile back in 2003, I know it was related to MSN, and why was it on Windows live yesterday? Should we accept to register or something? or they just keep the profile stored with MSN and transfer it to every applications related to windows? I erased all the data, I can seem to delete the account without deleting my Hotmail account. She is telling me that I was on a network with a profile on Windows Live?? What network? I understand more what the whole thing does, I am just not understanding why I am there without accepting to be there. Thanks for your help guys, Dayz
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