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  1. Omega's77s30

    Arttu's 240Z Never Ready

    Beautifully done!
  2. Omega's77s30

    Interior a/c removal

    Thank you I was wondering that before I sent out my a/c to another member here
  3. Omega's77s30

    Systems delete questions

    Thanks I was confused
  4. Omega's77s30

    Systems delete questions

    Are you still using the air conditioner idler pulley for your water pump?
  5. Omega's77s30

    Interior a/c removal

    I have a 78 280 with air conditioning which has never worked, my dash is already out and the ac components from the engine bay are already out. If I remove the condenser and components from behind the dash do it have to reconfigure the ducting? And is there an easy option for sealing the holes in the firewall for the coolant lines? Or do I just start tearing in and go from there? Any input is awesome
  6. Ok per instruction I'm starting my own thread. I have a 77 280 with an n42 block and p79 head. I drove the car daily before it was parked 7 years ago in DFW Texas. It has been shipped to my current home in southern Oregon and I am trying to get it to what it should be. I am currently going over the body and finding the usual rust spots and such to fix. Now that you know all that junk, here are my questions: 1. If I want to shave the n47 egr intake down to the basics ( crankcase vent, egr, brake booster vacuum, any I'm missing) and get rid of the AAC and cold start do I need to do any ECM tuning? Should I just get a non egr intake? 2. What negatives if any are there of an a/c delete? It never worked anyway... And I'm forgetting my 3rd question... It sits right now with the drivetrain out so I can deal with the rust and put new suspension bushings in, when it goes back together I hope to do a few minor upgrades( headers, aftermarket fuel rail, bigger radiator, e-fans.) thanks for any help given
  7. Omega's77s30

    Shaved Intake (78 280Z)

    Right, more info... I have an n42 block with an egr n47 intake (p79 heads if it matters) and as of now it sits with the motor out to do suspension and body work. Basically I plan to build a fun N/A motor to drive around in. I would like to clean up the intake and haven't been able to tell if others who have done the AAC and other systems deletes are still running off the old ECM. From what I can gather, it's possible but I wanted to ask what to expect. I do plan on building an l28et and upgrading to ms in the future, but for now I just want to drive my car! It's been 7 years! I just want to prioritize as I said and if needed start saving now for ms...
  8. Omega's77s30

    Shaved Intake (78 280Z)

    Before you hang me I know I could search harder and find an answer and I'm sorry if someone has a problem with my apparent laziness, but if you delete the AAC, cold start injector, and egr do I need to do any ecu tuning or get mega squirt? My stoc 77 280 is sitting with the motor out and I hope to upgrade to an electric water pump and electric fans also and want to prioritize my spending list. Any help is greatly appreciated
  9. Omega's77s30

    Have to share, my wife loves me!

    I got my car! But neglect and sitting have taken their toll, there's minimum rust but plenty of work
  10. Omega's77s30

    Have to share, my wife loves me!

    So these are the pictures from them loading up in Texas, the truck didn't show up yesterday ( driver's estimate was late yesterday or early today) so now I'm trying to focus on working in my shop and not pacing my driveway
  11. Omega's77s30

    Have to share, my wife loves me!

    So I'm sitting here impatiently waiting for the semi car carrier that is supposed to drop off my ( I should say OUR) 77 280z, and figured I'd share with you guys. A little background: my parents bought me this Datsun almost twelve years ago on Christmas Eve, seven years ago I moved to Oregon to be my own boss and had to leave the car in Texas at my parents house... For years every time there was an opportunity to ship the car up something would happen, you know... Moving, wedding, baby, the usual life stuff. Last month however my awesome wife secretly put a deposit down on a trailer spot, and here I sit waiting for literally my FIRST car! How sweet is that! We'll back to staring out my front window...