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  1. Yes, S130 suspension is totally different over S30. As said, Z31 is with same principal than S130. Personally, i think, S30 suspension is better than S130.
  2. I just turned upper mount other way around. It's not symmetrical. And yes spline shaft can/have be shorten. I did't because my cross member is bit further. I only did shorter bush to connect shafts. Out of icehockey puck🤣
  3. I just moved firewall mount bit higher. Upper mount is just a sleeve...
  4. Here is mine solution, S13 spindles and R33 brakes. You do know that swapping spindles side to side, you messed up ackerman steering. Or not, depends how you look at thing. Just swapping spindles you get negative ackerman, which is used F1 cars today. Not very useful on road. So I cut and welded that steering knuckle in different position. Made also longer lca to get close to zero scrub radius. Those hubs are custom made aluminium 5-lug for S13.
  5. TUME

    Ceramic Coating

    I did tech line cbx ceramic coatings for my engine. Piston tops and combustion, including valves for heat resistant and insulating surface. It´s very thin, you can see piston markings through it. So, if its cracking pieces will be very thin and small. Also i think that mostly problems are occured when surface is not treated properly. It need quite rough surface to bite in. Also did some kind of ceramic lubrication for piston skirts and camshafts. My motor is, of course turbocharged (SR20) and here is big gains archived especially turbomotors. Not so sure advantages on NA engines.
  6. Thanks for that. I haven't done almost nothing in past year, because depression. But, i have a feeling that maybe something is coming next winter....
  7. I think you should look at british market for JDM engine. I can feel your pain, we have here in finland maybe even more tight regulations with cars. I can go +20% with power, +25% displacement and so on. Not funny at all. That is main reason i went to SR. It just fit with regulations, but i can always tune it. Lets say double the horses for a start...😁
  8. Seems like you have same sort of plans with Z that i have. Fast and reliable weekend/holiday car. I went to SR20DET mainly because of weight and weight distribution. If i would think now, i would also consider VQ30DET(T). With two small and easy spooling turbos it might be great engine. Of course it has to be JDM rwd engine and needs some custom fabrication. Intake is as silly as VQ35, but these engines are quite cheap.
  9. I have a strong feeling about M14x1.5 Not 100% but i can check tomorrow.
  10. Take a look into my build and you get an idea. Wheel bolt pattern is same as S30, mine has 5-lug with more options with wheels. There are plenty of aftermarket spindles, so you can play almost everything with them. And ofc. control arms, brakes, etc.
  11. I think you should consider diffrent spindles. I have in my car S13 front spindles and ofc. S13 front coils though. With "only" 9" wheels ET35 i have nearly zero scrub.
  12. Sure you can extend them to back. There is even aftermarket bits to lenghten them. " baddog frame rails" I can't find any reason why they don't should not be extend. I have done that with square tube front to end.
  13. Not really suspension swap, but something. Strut suspension is´t so bad, in fact it is like double whisbone with infinity long upper arm. Roll center ~60mm above ground, caster ~7 deg, KPI ~15 deg, near zero scrub radius, and ofc. abjustable camber. What kind of better geometry you have in mind?