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  1. Taking off the door skin is quite easy job. Just did it to my driver door and takes about half an hour. The edge is just bended over the edge and there is welds both upper corners. Helps a lot, and you really get rid of rust.
  2. Just get my Everlast 256Si, seems like decent machine. Not welded much with it, but feels no different than Kemppi.
  3. Just leave this pic here for Jboogsthethug
  4. Half shafts, brakes and tons of aftermarket goodies. Adjustable everything, anti-squat, adjustable toe curve.
  5. Funny, about video and topic about cantilever suspensions, everybody goes nuts. With real world it´s just "one pivot point more suspension" Okay, you can get some progressive behavior with pivot, but main reason with these things are: The fit in a low car. That´s the main reason for use these things. Well maybe some street credibility, but that´s different story.
  6. Yes, camber gain is good, but in this case i´ll say there is too much. Good point with roll center also. Short upper arm moves roll center dramatic. Weight distribution was one of main reasons for my decisions with engine and other stuff. My goal is rear weighted FR car. I wanted ~55% weight on rear wheels. Now you´ll ask why not 50/50. Because in braking weight moves to front, and then balance stays better than 50/50 starting ratio. What is my final thought of this kit, i´ll say it is too much trying to be "track attack- best for money can buy" As i say, overkill. I
  7. Wow, didn´t realize porsche is that holy... Well what comes to this "ultimate" suspension, it has pros and cons for a same reason: It is bolt on. First, front upper control arm is pretty short. This means that camber gain is massive. I would prefer lomger arm´s, upper and lower also. Coilover attach point maybe lower control arm. Back, i´ll say that push-rod system is unneccessary. Just show off, i think and extra weight. Can´t say much of geometry cos poor angled pictures. So, front is suffering badly bolt-on caracteristic and back is bit overkill. Bac
  8. Or is it just because you can't get decent balance. Are we talking about apples and oranges here.
  9. It´s just because it´s a Porsche. They did massive mistake with putting an engine in back of the car. Since then they are sruggling with it. Suspension and car dynamics are everything with weight. In that 911 they have so much weight in rear tires that suspension must be stiff, still weight is in corners by 90% outer wheel. What is fastest way to drive through corner? Yes, it is all weight equally in all tires. Nobody designs car wich is cornering just 3 wheels, unless you have to (because weight) WEIGHT IS EVERYTHING, that is where to start. And these
  10. There is sure possible worn joint or so. Here is my column serviced. Is bottom of upper axle that spring you mentioned? http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/steering/steering-column
  11. Possibly intrested of windshield also, just curious how much € and shipping to Finland?
  12. Are those numbers directly from mustang? What are geometry numbers in 240Z with these parts? Same? My suspension is made of 240SX parts, and cost almost nothing except coilovers. BUT, I moved strut upper mount. I think it is still better idea, i`ll get KPI 14deg, caster 7deg, scrub is near zero with ET35 wheels and rest is adjustable. Well, so is caster, but thats what I want. Caster is good to be half of KPI, that is giving good camber behavior when turning. I haven´t measured camber curve or bump-steering yet, but will try to get time for that.
  13. I've done that too. It is fairly easy to disasseble and service. My Clock had loosen screw and thats why one of axles were dismounted. So then gears won't touch anymore.
  14. That is hard goal, for sure. You practically must move you'r pickup points on crossmember. Many holes, maybe, but not so practical. Have you thought using rod ends for inner pivot on control arm? If so, maybe vertical long bolt and pile of thin spacers would be handy. Then there must be adjustable tie rod ends aswell... Something like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/tfaPFYxVY2HZvKad7
  15. What I did first, was to determine ride height. Then was adjusting bump-steer by raisen LCA's pivot point. Last I raised whole crossmember to archieve desired roll center. Witch is now about 2-3" above ground depend on tires, and small adjustmens on coils. Just want to say that things are influating in others.
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