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  1. Second update. Clutch worked using the above stock parts but still felt that I was not getting enough travel so decided to make a new push rod for the slave cylinder. Made a new push rod 4mm longer than the stock 1986 300ZX Z31 NA slave and all is working well. Not sure it was needed but feel better for doing it.
  2. Hi, Wanting to see how much a pair of Rear Brake Calipers to suit the Rear vented disc/rotor for a 1987 to 89 300ZX Z31 would go for and approx cost to ship to Brisbane, Australia using USPS, or alternate shipping location would be Calgray, Canada and if the price is right would be interseted in getting them Thanks Ian
  3. Rolled the rear guards , now I need to fix the cracked bog and paint nothing's easy
  4. Found my small fuel leak, its looking like I've got a small pin hole in my surge tank
  5. LS1 coils are pretty good have been told the LS truck coils are even better, both have built in igniters they are CNP ( coil near plug) lots of guys are using these, do a search on LS1 and LS2 coils, I'm in the middle of converting to the LS1 coils on my 240Z
  6. Just checked wire colours from the Z31distributor to the Haltech wiring harness First colour = Z31, second colour = Haltech wiring harness White to Green Green to Yellow Black to Blue Red to Red That's how mine has been wired
  7. Just had a look at the wiring diagram and quick start guide for the PS500. Only use one set of the wire groups either the “Trigger Input†4 core (GY) or “Home Input†4 core (GY/B) it all depends what type of distributor you are using. Do a goggle search of images for both a Z31 distributor and a 280ZX distributor and you will see the difference between the two types of distributor optical and reluctor Z31 distributor uses "Trigger Input" 4 core (GY) I’m using the complete Z31 distributor so my car has been set up using the "Trigger Input" wires only as it uses a optical sensor/hall effect sensor the guide for the hall effect sensor uses the following wires from the Haltech wiring loom Red +12V switched: Connected Yellow trigger (+): Connected Green trigger (-): Not Connected Blue ground: Connected Note Green wire must be insulated to avoid shorting 280ZX NA distributor uses "Home Input" 4 core (GY/B) If you are using a stock 280ZX distributor from a NA car they use a Reluctor sensor so you would have to use the "Home Input" wiring the guide for the reluctor sensor uses the following wires from the Haltech wiring loom Red +12V swiched: Not Connected Yellow signal (+): Connected Green signal (-): Connected Blue ground: Not connected Note Red & Blue wire must be insulated to avoid shorting If you are using a 280ZX Turbo distributor it is an optical sensor/hall effect sensor so you would use the "Trigger Input" wiring hope this helps
  8. My 240Z is nearly finished a engine transplant and now has a VG30ET sitting where the L24 was. I’m using a completely well nearly stock Z31 distributor. My modifications to the distributor was removing the cap and rotor, I've made a blanking cap to replace the cap as I was using a ignition module and coil pack but found they did not work too good together and just about to start upgrading to individual LS1 coil packs once they arrive in the mail fingers crossed they get delivered today. Had a friend wire up the Haltech for me as he has done a few Haltech conversions, when I get home will check wiring out to see how he has wired up the distributor
  9. I went down the MS kit road, never put the kit together and sold it before getting to involved with it, reason why I did not use the MS because it does not give enough map points for getting a good tune/map for my setup so the Haltech PS1000 was my choice of ecu and was so glad I did not pour to much time and resources into the MS. I was very close to getting the Haltech sprint 500 as it is a very good alternative to the MS. I would reckomen going down the Haltech road over the MS. SuperDan I like your commen "is some pieced together high school science project" - I think you may of already made up your mind go the Haltech you won't look back
  10. Got the clutch working using 240Z clutch master cylinder and a Z31 clutch slave travel with theses together the clutch slave travel is 15mm
  11. Update Got the clutch sorted out.....found that the clutch master cylinder was not adjusted correctly to the FSM once that was adjusted to the book I found that I had a clutch . I then bleed the clutch system again just to make sure it was as good as it could be. Then measured now much travel a 1971 240Z clutch master cylinder and a 1986 300ZX slave cylinder mixture gives a grand total of 15mm of travel at the slave cylinder. Fingers crossed I will be driving the 240Z by end of the weekend as my mates coming around to finish off programming the Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 Saturday morning
  12. Found the bleeding procedure in the FSM and have been doing as per the book but I'm guessing I need to go back and do it all again and see if it comes good
  13. Can anyone tell me how much stroke the clutch slave cylinder has as I can't find it in the workshop manual I have. The reason I ask is Im in the middle of a engine and gbox conversion of a VG30ET into my 240Z I want to check that the stroke length I have matches the 300ZX as I'm mixing a 240Z clutch master cylinder with a 300ZX slave cylinder Thanks Ian
  14. What is bench bleed the master? as there are no bleed nipples on the actual clutch master cylinder. This is what I did to bleed the clutch hydraulic system I filled the clutch reservior up and opened the bleed nipple on the clutch slave cylinder and let it self bleed then closed the slave nipple and did the normal peddle down open nipple close nipple, pedddle up etc etc and then I took the slave cylinder off the bell housing and held the bleed nipple above the point where the clutch line goes into the slave and tried to bleed it somemore with the nipple at the higest point. Because the bleed nipple is on the bottom of the slave cylinder it may take a lot more mucking around to get it bleed correctly. I've borrowed a vacumme hand pump for bleeding hydraulic systems it pulls the fluid thru the slave rather than push it thru so will see if that makes any difference.
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