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  1. ryan95i4

    Progress on my insane VQ35HR 240Z project

    Thanks for the updates! Even if they are just teasers ha. Good luck with the rest of prep!
  2. ryan95i4

    Moving the Torque and HP curve

    Was the Senza intake used on both pulls? Just wanted to clarify that the only difference was the rebuilt w/ .040 over. It sounded like you went back to webbed EGR intake, but you stated the fresh bottom end was the only difference -- just making sure I read that correctly.
  3. ryan95i4

    New topstage z kit

    Wow, can't wait to see the end product!
  4. ryan95i4

    Instagram Z cars

    I had a couple offers from the middle east through IG. Wonder how many of those cars started state side.
  5. Qty: 1 (short sleeve tshirt) Size: L Color: Heather Grey Zip: 32605
  6. ryan95i4

    Gauge Options for 240Z Dash?

    The speedhut gauges look really good. I have autometer pro comp gauges in mine, the 2 5/8 fit perfect in the dash pods
  7. ryan95i4

    ZBAIT / Prima Donna Z #1 found?

    Just read up on these after seeing this thread, very cool to see the missing car found again!
  8. ryan95i4

    The Primadonna Z Story - 56K

    Just read this whole thread, very cool story -- even cooler if the recent CL ad is legit!
  9. ryan95i4


    Pallnet -- I got one of your fuel rails years ago and I still probably get more questions about that than anything else, lol. Not the haltech or the LS coils, everyone asks about the fuel rail first. Great product, great service
  10. ryan95i4

    Refrigerant Cooled Intercooler Concept?

    http://www.superchevy.com/how-to/engines-drivetrain/ghtp-1303-camaro-zl1-rx-performance-super-chiller-ac-assisted-intercooler-install/ Someone beat you to it
  11. ryan95i4

    Help : My hard drive was damaged with all my tunes saved.

    Can you just use one of the original default base maps to get started? http://www.haltech.com/downloads-2/base-maps/ Theres a default r32/33 base map in there. I know yours isnt even close to stock, but worse case it will give a you a starting point to restart your tune :/
  12. ryan95i4

    1978 280z Total Loss

    ouch -- this is why I got an agreed value policy and an appraisal. Good luck with insurance, glad you're alright.
  13. ryan95i4

    Haltech 2000 / LS2 Truck Coils - No Spark

    Glad you got it sorted! Good luck with the tune
  14. ryan95i4

    WTB L28ET swapped Z

    PM Sent, more pics in the IG link in my sig.
  15. 'grats on the write-up! Just added you on IG, same name as here.