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  1. So I'm looking for replacement gas tank for my late model 260z. Will only a 260 tank fit, or can I use a 240 or 280 tank? It's all very confusing being the middle child!
  2. So I'm picking up an 83 280zx NA this weekend for parts. I'm going to be using the engine and trans in my 260z. Is there anything else I should take off the car that would swap over?
  3. This is exactly what I want to do...one day when I have the money and time, haha. I'll just live vicariously through you until then. Keep the posts coming!
  4. Hi all! I've been on here a few months, but figured I would start a thread in order to keep track of what I have done to this car. A few months back, I picked up a 73 z and a 74 z for $500 (the guy was selling them as a set). As i'm just building this for a fun secondary vehicle, I decided to sell the 73 (little bit nicer shape) and put the money into the 74 (I sold the 73 for $1000, so I doubled my money). I'm not really sure what direction I'm going to go in yet for this car, but for the time being I'm just going to get it running and road worthy. The guy I bought it off of said it hadn't
  5. Found his photobucket, he never posed any more pictures of the Z, lots of TA's though. http://s139.photobucket.com/user/1badeagle/library/?sort=3&page=28
  6. So my back carb is overflowing with fuel. I've taken the float bowl lid off and I'm not sure how to test the needle valve. If I blow through it, and push on the needle, it does not stop air. Is this correct, or is there something wrong with my needle valve?
  7. After some searching, it does appear to be related the the A/C system, I'm still doing some research to find out where exactly it is supposed to be routed.
  8. another question. what is this? The other end is connected to these tiny hoses here, but I'm not sure where they hook to.
  9. Yeah, if you have one in decent shape, I could use one. How much you want for it?
  10. Ok, so it runs to the PCV valve? I'm not around the car to check, but going from memory, I feel like that barb was a bit bigger than the PCV valve. **edit** I was just looking at a PCV hose online and one end is larger.
  11. I'm trying to get everything back together on this incomplete z I bought. Does anyone know what hose is supposed to be hooked up here? I removed the smog pump, so it might be linked to that?
  12. It's possible, I don't know much about carbs either. I'll have to get a fuel pressure gauge and see what Im at.
  13. Ok, I have a FSM downloaded now. I'm a little confused as it does not give me a starting setting for the carb. It starts out saying to warm the engine first (can't do that with it not running, lol). I also looked in the trouble shooting. For "engine does not start" it says... Overflow...I don't have fuel overflowing from the carb. No Fuel Fed to Engine...the fuel pump is working, and there is fuel in the carb. (Possibly bad needle valve??? How would I check this?) Improper Idling Adjustment...It says to readjust, but again, I don't know where to start with the settings. Defect
  14. Hi all, I just picked up a 260z for $250. I'm trying to get the thing started, but I just don't really understand carbs all that well. I started out cleaning the fuel tank and replacing the pumps (electric and mechanical), I had an issue with my original carbs spewing gas from the front, so I found a set on ebay. I can get the car to run for a few seconds off of starting fluid, so I'm thinking fuel issue. I can see the gas window on the carb is about half way full, does that sound right, or should it be full? Maybe I'm not getting enough fuel pressure. Any ideas?
  15. Hi all, I recently picked up a 260z that sat around for over a decade. I cleaned out the the gas tank and fuel lines, replaced the fuel pump, and did all the other "tune up" things. I don't know much about carbs in general, and even less about this style of carb. I've got fuel running into the carbarator, and it's spaying out of the needle circled in the picture and into the engine compartment. I'm not even sure what to ask here, is fuel supposed to spray out of that, and if so, what is supposed to keep it from spilling into the engine compartment?
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