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  1. Yea, I thought it was a great deal to. I did search, but found nothing with the cam. Thanks guys, ill try to get a picture of the stuff for you.
  2. Hey guys. I just picked up a 83 lt28et complete for $50. It has 102k on it. I pulled the valve cover and head off. The pistons same 34 and p90 on them. The cam Has the letter M or W stamped on the end of it.It says E30 on it. I have new gaskets and water pump coming for this motor as we speak. What can you tell me about this cam and pistons? Is it original? Do I need to replace the oil pump and the timing chain as well? If i replace the chain do I need to replace the sprockets as well? Just let me know what you guys think. Thanks Dustin
  3. lol, come on guys. You made him delete the post.....
  4. Im unsure of the t3/t4 specs. I kinda wanna rock the t04e. What kinda gains can i expect at the same 10 psi as the t3? What all has to be modded? Do I have to run a spacer? I plan on a new oil feed line. Anything else?
  5. Hey guys, Im getting ready to pull my messed up 83 turbo motor in my 83 zxt to put in a low 72,000 miles 83 zxt motor in Im going with a 1 mm mls headgasket and new water pump and oil pump apon reinstall. I currently run the stock t3 turbo. I would like to upgrade my turbo before i put the motor in the car. Would you recommend a t3/t4 or the t04e. I can find both fairly cheap around where i live. What are the advantages of both? I know the t3/t4 needs rebuilt and the t04e is TO4E Turbocharger almost new .50 Compressor, .63 Turbine very high flow/ high boost turbo. Comes with integral wastegate. Which would you think would be best for street driven sometimes drag raced car? I plan to run a custom 2.5 or 3 inch downpipe into 3 inch exhaust, with big intercooler and 10 psi of boost and later on msns. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
  6. You can suck stuff up into the carb or throttle body into the intake and combustion chamber. You could potentially ruin your motor. You normally only see it on drag cars and they sometimes run a screen to block stuff. In short.....Dont do it.
  7. Go l28et, im picking up a new one since mine jumped some serious time. I plan for 300rwhp. Its really not that hard. All the power is in the head and tuning. Do some research.
  8. im going to run a world class t-5 manual from a late camaro behind it. I havent had any issues yet.
  9. awesome i found another motor on craigslist for 50$ with 89,000 miles on it. im going to use it as my rebuild block. ill have the head check, and arp studs then it should probably be good.
  10. Ok, now that i read that i guess i need to be more clear like said. I want to rebuild it without boring it any. I dont really have the money now to build a stroker so thats out to. I think a rering kit should do the job with all new bearings. Where can i get a good kit at? I need rings, gaskets. bearings, timing stuff. I plan to run a 3in turbo back with a custom down pipe of some sort. Should i upgrade the turbo while i have the motor out? Should i have the head milled some? New valve seals? Throw out some more ideas on stuff that needs done.
  11. Hey guys my 83 zxt's motor seems to have jumped time, so i plan on pulling the motor and rebuilding it when i fix it. So what im getting at is what are the things that should be addressed when i pull the motor apart? It has around 230,000 miles on it. Im shooting for around 300 rwhp with this motor which shouldnt be a big issue. So what do you guys think i should do?
  12. Yea, ive been looking in my hanes manual to see what didnt look like a must. I bought a bunch of vaccum caps tonight to plug crap off on it. How do i remove the charicol canister? Do i plug all the lines or vent one?
  13. Ok guys, i pulled the valve cover off to check the valves and noticed that on the drivers side of the timing chain it is incredibly loose. Is this normal? I see a rebuild by me in the future. Also is it me or do you need some kind of special tool to run the valves on this thing?
  14. Hey guys im trying to lose some weight up on the front of my car.(83 280zxt) I already took off the cruise control unit, and im about to go remove the a/c. What else can i remove so i can lighten up my track car? is there a smog pump? charcoal canister?
  15. Still no fix. I checked the vcm like suggested and it was still intact. Any other ideaqs? could it be a fuel pressure reg?
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