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  1. 3sev3n

    su cabs

    got it admin can delete!!!
  2. 3sev3n

    su cabs

    Could some tell me where the airflow adjustment is on 72 su's please and I did search and have a chiton's, maby its called something else any help....any at all
  3. This is my dog,creepy or what I let this thing in my house man!!!
  4. Saw one it the movie 3 ninjas lol looks like a zx its just before the girl gets her bike stolen. lol
  5. well I paid 2700 for the car, extra motor,2 pair of round top carbs and 2 sets of rims and have been doing all the restoring myself on a budget thats slim to none. So it not far fetched to fix it up an a budget just takes some time and planing (budget). g/l with your project keep us updated in the build threads
  6. I know theres more wisdom on the site I need more wisdom!!!
  7. 3sev3n

    su cabs

    Ok, Ive tune my carbs just so, not to rich not to lean but when I was dismanteling them and cleaning them (carb and choke cleaner) I watch this video where a guy was tuning them and lifted the little plunger underneith and the motor stumbled a little for both, now my question, I did the same and the carb clostest to the window stumbled pretty good and the front had NO effect on the idle what so ever does this has something to with the flow? If so is the any way I could fix this at home WITHOUT a flow meter? I give thanks in advance because I always have my problems fix here time after time. thx
  8. So my 260z is by no means mint but I have a loss of power on the top end I just went over my su's with a fine tooth comb so thats not it, mabe the fuel pump its self? Also just changed the plugs.Any way A wanted to know if any one has used the fuel pressure regulator from blackdragonauto.com and if so what was the change you felt or noticed? Can any one help me out with this problem thx
  9. 3sev3n

    cheap fix

    thx man that inspires me
  10. 3sev3n

    cheap fix

    New doors wraped in vinyl from a couch and hand made cup holder what do you think? be easy
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