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  1. Just wanted to make sure you saw that I've got the thread up for this year's bay area HBZ meet. It's only 4 weeks away! Hope you can make it. You can RSVP in the thread here. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/93737-norcal-bay-area-hybridz-bbq-2010/

  2. Spending time with family/friends while driving the Z. satin or gloss?
  3. Still working on getting the 240z together. And that is an EXCELLENT choice for a replacement.

  4. Yeah we are waiting for the custom drivshaft to be finished and trying to get everything else done while we wait. As for weight distribution it shouldnt be TO bad... we are trying to mount the engine as far back as we can, and the driver, gas, radiator, Diff, and brakes will all be in the back. it will be fun either way thats for sure.
  5. So Basicaly me and a few friends are putting an l28 out of a 78 280z into a sand buggy frame thingy... Real discriptive I know. Anyways, the wiring harness that came with the engine has been cut a bit, and I dont have any stock wiring leftover from my car to compare this new harness too so I have a few questions on what certain plugs / wires are for. These two plugs are done by the firewall.. what hare they for, I totaly blanked on stock wiring... if they arnt needed to run the engine let me know, thanks. These are a bunch of wires just inside of the firewall, Im guessing they went up under the dash and thats why they were cut, gauges? power to the ECU idk, hard to tell I know but any ideas you have will be helpful. These two plugs are off on a long strand of wire , Im thinking they go over by the battery in a stock Z, but I dont know what they are for.
  6. interested in msa springs how much shipped to palmdale, ca 93550 thanks

  7. I think ford has designed a new v10, that makes decent power, they are putting it in the new cobra... and Im not talking about a mustang.
  8. I have one Ill sell you cheap! Send me a PM if interested.
  9. Im pretty dissapointed about this negative feedback, I was planning on getting one... well, not anymore.
  10. Im having trouble getting his insurance to call me back, Ive called them everyday for the past 3 days.
  11. Bummer I didnt see this a few days ago, check the link in my sig, lots of turbo conversion parts, but its no longer complete. I sold the turbo and exhaust and intake, but I still have the zxt exhaust, wiring, harness, injectors, and more!
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