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  1. I am looking for an R-200, 3.90 ratio. Thanks.
  2. I will use a standard $150.00 flat rate for shipping.

  3. Yes I have the degree key and have played with the advance curve. At the risk o fbeing redundant, does the petronix work with the Mallory?
  4. Thanks, zforce. I will check out the voltage. Does the Pertronix work with my tach? Do you have a part number for it?
  5. I am running an MSD Coil and a stock ballast resistor.
  6. I thought it was the coil intially but I replaced it with one of my spares and the problem persists.
  7. Here is a mystery. The car is an early 71 that is essentially stock, but I run a header and a Mallory dual point mechanical-only distributor. It starts great every morning and runs well for about ½ hour. Then I get a stalling effect. It is as if one turns the key off and then quickly back on. It happens once or twice at first but then gets more frequent as I go along. I had this problem before and replaced the positive and negative connectors at the coil and it went away. Now it is persistent. By the way, it only affects the engine – voltage does not drop, the lights do not dim, e
  8. Well -- it is a cracked head -- Anyone interested in a genuine E-31 paperweight?
  9. 1971 240 with SU's/header -- Coolant Water mist sprays out between my intake manifold and head -- Weird. A bit of acceleration and it becomes a little geyser. It is betwwen the number 4 exhaust and intake runners and has actually made a hole in my manifold gasket. Could it be a leak inside the intake manifold? There is a water passage there. Please help!!! Thanks!!!
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