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  1. JM280z

    The dreaded "diff" CLUNK

    "Since" meaning, once the problem started I have put on new diff mount, half shafts, and new drive shaft. A substantial piece of the diff mount has been grinded out by the flanges of the half shaft. During downshifts and reverse only. I can floor the car with no problem. All bolts are solid, so I think. What could be allowing this...? Could the diff itself be screwed up...?
  2. JM280z

    The dreaded "diff" CLUNK

    Anyone know why my diff may be torquing down and striking the diff mount...? It has chewed out a good piece of the diff mount. This happened after I launched the car with new Bridgestone Potenza RE-11A's. Since I have put new half shafts on and a new drive shaft and a new diff mount. Here is a thread I started many months ago and myself, many forum users, and mechanics can't figure it out. http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/357305-death-clunk-knocking-4.html