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  1. Finally got her back on the ground after a lengthy front suspension refresh
  2. 200HP for the 84-87 Z31 VG30ET, the 88-89 had a bump to 205. Compression ratio was 7.8:1 for the early ET, changed to 8.3:1 in 88 and they ran a smaller T25 turbocharger, with less boost pressure for quicker response. The Z31 VG30E or N/A motor is 9.0:1 compression ratio. Big difference from 7.8:1 and 9.0:1
  3. You can always try the Z31 Performance forms, or I know they have a 300zx Z31 buy/sell page on facebook too https://www.facebook.com/groups/106031256230490/ - Can try there and see if anyone has parts available
  4. There's a ton of potential with the VG30. Will not take hardly anything to reach your power goals with a VG30. Keep the motor the same, and pick up a stock 84-87 300zx T3 Turbo/Manifold, Turbo Injectors/ECU, and have some fun. NA2T is quite a popular thing to do with the Z31, basically bolt turbo accessories on the NA motor, instant higher compression turbo motor. Just keep your boost levels around the stock range, and you'll be fine. Can run up towards ~10psi on stock turbo fuel without much worry of detonation, intercooler is always a good option as well. It's going to be quite difficult to get that power you want from a VG30 in N/A form, so I'd be going turbo swap for sure.
  5. Very nice work 310Z, Some people hate doing these types of modifications to older cars, but oh well - What ever makes us happy! It all can be removed, and reverted back to factory original, used only the original floor panels as templates, so the originals are still stashed away. It weighs a bit, but nothing major I just built a box to fit inside the well, so it can be removed easily. I've gone the route of a complete fiberglass enclosure using the floor pans as shape, and I wasn't thrilled with the sound it produced, so I tried something a little different. I did use a shallow mount 12", and it's plenty of boom for this small car, lol
  6. Good idea with the false floor woofer enclosure, that's what I just recently made up. Turned out great. It was a lot of work though; I went ported/tuned to about 33hz, it's almost too loud for the poor Z, but I do have volume control, hah
  7. Yeah, I was reading about that not too long ago, going to go with T3 components when the time comes Another thing for the OP to check would be the cooling system. I changed the water pump out on mine because I had a spare replacement, and figured it wouldn't hurt. The old pump was covered in a lot of corrosion, looked like barnacles growing on the damn thing. Definitely want to check everything over, and flush the system a few times.
  8. The project 78' I am working on right now has been off the road since 1985. It needed a fuel pump to get running. I drained the tank, cleaned the injectors, fresh oil. Installed new pump, and a pre-filter to the pump. A gallon or so of fresh fuel, primed up the system, (changed around the plug wires, previous owner messed up the firing order) and it runs great... Now, onto the good stuff ;p From sitting so long, pretty much every suspension component needs to be replaced, all bushings are dry-rotted. So there's a little more involved than just a fuel system refresh
  9. New to the forums, just mainly browsing around. My new to me project to complete; 78 280, 86000 miles, US Car, been off the road since 1985. Front end running 240z bumper, rear end shaved, markers shaved, cut and dropped on flares. Needs a ton of mechanical work, body is damn near ready for paint now.
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