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  1. I found it is 98-02 kia sportage and it looks great and works great. alot easier to close the doors and it seems to seal really well...
  2. Can someone tell me what year model of the Kia Sportage that the door weather strip fits the s30?
  3. I have a new custom built tank. I have searched the forums and there seems to be conflicting theories as to remove or keep the vapor canister. If I remove it do I need a vented cap or is there anything else I need to do for venting? without the canister am I going to smell fuel? what are the advantages of having it or not?
  4. I will try to get a shot of em. the only problem with these guages they are a little hard to read during the day but they look super cool at night....
  5. The diff moves up and down under very low torque. I may be able to add to the AZC mount ant take it to the stock mount bracket holes. Hmm something to think about
  6. ok, I have searched and searched for two days. Does anyone sell or fabricate the front diff mount.I am not apposed to building one, but i don't want it to be too rigid. I am going through the clankink now with the AZC mounts. I spoke with Dave at AZC and he told me they were working on something new but not ready. Do I need to mount it from the top,bottom or both. what kind of bushings if any? I am sure all of you have gone through this. Please be patient with me.i am ( ROOKIE) I have done some homework. I have learned from you peeps that ya'll know what to do and not what to do, Some of it I
  7. yes.. I looked up my records.. I am very pleased...
  8. I bought the seat covers on an ebay sight. the ebrake cover and shift boo twere included. they seem to be a high quality leather. they will embroidery the color and designs offered. the door panel were done by a guy here locally. I think they were $75.00 each including the materials... made the door panels look new..
  9. Thanks so much!! i will try to post pics of the rear...
  10. You come to Texas and we will paint for the cost of materials. Huh??
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