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  1. I use a product called master coat. I cant speak to how well their paints work (same kind as por15) but their metel prep has zinc phosphate in it which is embedded in the metal as the rust is converted (or so they say) I wiped my engine bay down and left it for a year in Washington state (very moist) and didn't have any issues. I believe they also say to wipe it off with water prior to paint but the extra protection from the zinc prevents flash rust. The reason you need to wipe it down with water is to rinse the acid out and to neutralize it. Water is ph neutral, dont know about acetone.
  2. looks good but it sounded like your differential was bouncing all over the place. every time you acc/brake you can hear it bang.
  3. Its the same as the CX Racing ones. I bought some BC coilovers because I know they can be rebuilt in the future and they arent that much more. Who knows what kind of support your going to get for the CX racing ones down the road.
  4. looks good. simple but probably much better than what was there. I hate how the stock battery tray sits 3in higher than it ever should have.
  5. Sounds like your master cylinder lost its prime. If one of your reservoirs went dry, you got some air in the master and you cant get that out by bleeding it at the brakes. You probably need to pull it off and bleed the master cylinder. After the master cylinder is bled, bleed the 4 corners.
  6. The Bad Dog Subframe Connectors will be to short since it is a 2+2. I changed my frame rails out with 1x3 steel tube. The 1x3 is actually shallower than the original frame rails so depending on your power levels, 2x3 might even be a good idea.
  7. I have my LS swap with 3in exhaust ran under/beside the diff and it does cut down on the ground clearance but it works. you might try oval tubing or flattening the tubing right where it runs under the diff.
  8. I never understood why people complain about the old Datsun wiring that doesnt have relays and then when people replace the wiring, they use a harness without relays. That is a very nice relay board. I am planning on linking a relay board into the speedway motor wiring harness (very similar to all the other universal ones but good reviews).
  9. didnt realize you were not in the states. makes sense then.
  10. never heard of them but they sound to be the same as the BC coilover. If you dont want to spend the money on the BC coilover ones, buy the CR Racing ones. They are again, a knock off version of the BC Coilovers but are around $800 and have been around a little longer than D2 Racing. The spring rate does seem a little high. I believe the aluminum construction they are talking about is the threaded tube. The main body is steel as you cannot weld aluminum to steel (you can braze but it is much weaker).
  11. Those look very nice and the price is very reasonable. To bad I already have the rocket bunny kit.
  12. your build looks good. I was going to lower my battery on my build too. you mind posting some more photos of the battery tray?
  13. the fuel being sucked up the feed tube will be under vacuum since it is before the fuel pump (you did say external fuel pump right). the return line will be pressurized but that is only due to flow restriction of the line (i.e. the line is the only thing holding the fuel back which creates pressure). The return line shouldnt be more than 10-15psi at idle which is when it will be its highest. I say replace those old crusty lines with some new f.i. rated fuel line from the parts store and you should be good (you could keep the current lines too).
  14. ride height very much so effects the brake setup. longitudinal load transfer takes place when you apply brakes... that is, weight from the back of the car shifts to the front of the car. This transfer of weight is based on the reduction in speed in the form of -g's, the wheel base of the vehicle, and the height of the center of gravity. The suspension plays into this calculation because the center of gravity is changed with the suspension. from my research, the center of gravity should be about 3/4 the way up up the block.
  15. Thats exactly what I am thinking about doing. I can then route my electrical far enough above the battery it wont be an issue or I can pass them behind the fender to clean up the engine bay. Thanks for the photos.
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