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  1. It is surprising that the red locktight didnt work, that stuff is a pain to get off. I have 12.9 grade hex bolts with low profile heads (from fastenal) with lock washers and I havent had this issue. I wonder if it could have something to do with the CVs binding? did you shorten the axles?
  2. If the roof is that bad i would hate to see the rest of the car. Was it stored under water???
  3. I can help with part of the problem. Im not sure about the squealing pulley but I believe i know whats going on with your fuel system. I ran into a similar issue a few years back with my LS swap. I did the Camaro fuel tank and pump and then used a Corvette fuel fillter/ regulator. I found out that the Camaro fuel pump had a built in regulator and when you double stack regulators you get half the gas (or maybe it was double, its been a few years). I ended up pulling the Camaro fuel pump out and bypassing the regulator (should be on the return line). The other option is to run a "U" from the Camaro fuel pump output to the Camaro fuel pump return and the "T" off of it somewhere along the "U" bend. that line (the "T") would then run forward to your fuel rail. The third option is depending on your fuel rail to run a fuel line and a return line all the way to the fuel rail. I hope that all makes sense. If not ill try to better explain it. At the end of the day, if you stick a fuel pressure gauge on the rail, you will see what im talking about, you will be way off the 56ish PSI that your supposed to have.
  4. So my wife just test fitted the parts as best she could (6 months pregnant with a 2 year old running around) and took the following pictures. Now before saying they arent going to fit, i believe the part of the fender flare that "rolls in" in the back behind the tire is making direct contact with the metal not allowing for it to be fully seated. I believe that once the fender is cut away, the flares will fit properly. she is going to try the rear fender flares on later.
  5. So these are the photos my wife was able to take. she didnt have time to get them taped on the car for fitment.
  6. So i was told that i would receive a shipping invoice via email on or around 01Jun19 and i didn't. I called them on or around 10Jun19 and they said it had already shipped and then provided me with the shipping information. not a big deal, as they did ship it on 1-3Jun19. Off the top of my head, i do not remember the name of the company that they shipped it through but it was not your ups/Fedex company (probably because of the size). the box arrived with no noticeable damage and they did an excellent job on packing (in my opinion). The parts were all wrapped in at least 4 layers of good bubble wrap (not the cheap thin stuff) and the parts had a little room to move within the box. My wife was going to check the fitment of the parts however she just had a death in the family so she is flying back to Texas for the next little while (and im out of the country for a while). It did take her like 30 minutes just to cut the bubble wrap off there was so much of it. there was damage on the front bumper along the leading edge near the middle. There was a crack in the gel coat which went into the fiberglass but it should be an easy fix with a few layers of fiberglass on the back for reinforcement and then fixing the gel coat. I'm hopping that she sends me some of the photos prior to leaving for Texas. If she does, ill post them. If someone is interested in the fitment and is in the Seattle Washington area let me know and you can come check them out.
  7. @Jboogsthethug yes I am. Currently holding over in an airport on my way to the middle east. Just called the company because I hadn't received anything other than an order confirmation. They were very nice and informed me that my order is currently scheduled to ship on Monday (10jun)
  8. Will do. I have left for the year but my wife is going to get them and tape them in place for me so I can see myself. I'll share what she sends and once I get back (in a year) I'll give as much information as possible.
  9. Only interchangeable parts are in front of the doors (windshield, hood front fenders? And some suspension parts (springs are heavier weight).
  10. I dont know if anyone has seen these guys but I just found them and decided to take a gamble on them. The kit looks to be a rocket bunny knock off. Once it comes in I'll get some photos and post them. https://carbonfiberhoods.com/vsaero-frp-tkyo-wide-body-kit-gt-datsun-240z-s30-1970-1973-106078.html
  11. Some more photos covering the frame rail and engine bay
  12. Well I got the passenger side frame rail completed and welded in place. this side was different from the driver side for the fact that the floor has a large dip that goes the entire length of the car. In order to cope with this problem, i placed my laser level under the car prior to removing the old frame rails and made some marks on the ground to ensure everything stayed square. I then cut out a 3" wide gap the entire length of the car and welded the frame rail in place. with this side being mounted 3/4" higher, i wanted to make sure that if i placed a jack stand under the frame rails they would sit level so I added a spacer in both the front and rear for a jack mounting point. As i just got orders for a year long vacation in the desert, it will be some time before a post any progress on her (maybe the wife will suprize me and work on her some). with that being said, once completed with the frame rails, i sat Athena down on some movers dollies and moved her over so the wife could fit her car into the garage. One of the other things i have been sparingly working on is cleaning up the engine bay. I have decided to use a product known as Master coat. It is like POR 15 but is UV stable (not a big deal for the engine bay. the other nice thing is their metal prep has a high zinc coPhotos (6).zipntent to stop rusting. it is supposed to be ok to just wipe the stuff on and leave it for a year (lucky me). well i only got through cleaning the driver side and didnt get any of the patches welded into the firewall but it will have to do for now. Overall i love the metal prep and have not used the rust sealer enough yet to have an opinion, i will update when i get back.
  13. Having done the wiring before. I would mount the harness on the engine and make sure that your can get the ECU to where you want it.
  14. And gas will eat through most of the hoses you will find at autozone. Your best bet is to get one from another vehicle to fit or you can buy fuel filler hose from mcmaster (although it is a little stiff).
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