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  1. Best thing I did for tuning is by the hp tuners with data logging and hooked up my wide band o2. I was able to do exactly what iron head said by logging 1 day at a time and changing the tune in the evening. Then I went 2-3 days logging and changed the tune. It took about a month to get her just right. Big thing I learned is to push your spark tables 1 degree forward at a time and then once you get knock back it off 4*. Without a true dino 4* is the safe play to get max power.
  2. So, I have been on leave (kind of) and have gotten a lot done on Athena. I have moved on to the next thing I can do without wheels on the car and that is interior sound deadening. I ordered Noico sound deadening stuff for the fire wall and the floors from Amazon for about $80 for everything. I ordered thicker foam (1/4in thick) for the firewall and it ended up being way more than I needed so I decided to use it in the trunk and still have 6 sheets for the doors. This foam stuff is very sticky and shouldn't have any issues down the road pending issues with heat. For anyo
  3. Its by no means a pro job but I'm super happy with it. I did multiple wipe downs with wax and grease remover and tacked it right before. I had the garage door open about a foot and had multiple fans pulling exhaust out and then I wetted the floor (after I swept and mopped for almost a whole day). The worst part about it is knowing I got to do the rest of the body panels now. Well I got some more done. I mounted all the brake lines, master, booster, front cross member, some of the trim and got the driver 1/4 window in. For the 1/4 window I powder coated the upright and u
  4. I'm going to wet sand and buff once I get the wheels on and can roll her out of the garage. That being said, I am still waiting on my rims after almost 2 years... I think I might have to get some temp rims.
  5. 2 coats of TCP restoration shop fire red pearl urethane basecot over the black primer and then 4 coats of custom shop 2020 clear coat (only 2 in the engine bay). There are a few nibs here and there but for the most part it is very clean. Now to start doing the rest of the parts, interior, and wiring. I know every auto painter out there is cringing at the fact that I am painting the parts separately but I do not have the space to paint it all together.
  6. Well, based on some other sites, I lowered my pressure, tightened up my fan and dropped my paint supply to almost none existence and it worked ok... almost like fogging on some powder coat... Anyways, I got the final coat of sealer on. I will start laying down my 2 coats of color and 3 coats of clear first thing tomorrow morning... wish me luck.
  7. How does everyone paint the fuel filler area? I got it in black primer but I don't think I can get a good coat of metallic base or clear coat. Do yall just leave it black or o yall use like a detail gun of sorts?
  8. Good luck with finding a rear end setup... if I were you I would switch to a solid rear axle setup. You will be hard pressed to find any IRS that can handle the torque.
  9. No problem. I to am lacking on the body work speed but thats because I'm waiting for my rims to come in...
  10. Besides ccw, where do yall get wide rims in 4 lug? Felgen werk is giving me the run around after having an order in for over 1.5 years. I'm at the point where I can't move forward without rims and tires as I have to mount the rear fender flares. I'm going to start stripping all the body panels while I continue to wait or find an alternative.
  11. What kind of flares are those on the rear? I looked through the 9 pages and didn't see a brand or name.
  12. I have seen some people install double dins but i do not know how. Let me start by saying my car is in the process of being built (still in paint and body) so i cannot tell you if i like it but I bought a joying double din. The main brain box is a single din connected to the 9in screen via a 8in ribbon cable so I have much more mounting flexibility. This was the only way I figured it would work as I will have a vintage ac system along with a shifter cable going through the area. This is like the one I bought. https://www.joyingauto.com/joying-8-single-din-an
  13. My 5.3ls with the 4l60 was around 300hp and would spin wheels in 1st and 2nd. I could down shift at 50 and still break the tires loose. At the 500-600 power range you are going to have to upgrade the rear suspension and drive train along with a lot of body mods to stiffen the shell (I hade some broken spot welds along the frame rail). I am currently building a 6.0 and may supercharge it if I ever get bored of the 500hp range. I am also going wide body to get some 295s under the rear.
  14. I did this once and learned that you always remove the fill plug first. When I did mine, I had to weld a nut on the back of the diff plug and then using a cheater bar, jack the car up, put the bar on, and then lower the car (plus some jumping if I remember correctly). Finally cracked the seal.
  15. I have exactly what you need in my shed and am located in spanaway wa. I cut off the parts and kept them hoping to use "datsun steel" for patches but ended up just getting clean steel for patches. I don't know if its worth shipping but I'm only about 200 miles away.
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