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  1. That does look good but I'm curious as to how well it will hold up against the sun. I tried the graphite rim paint a few years ago and it didn't hold up over time. Now I'm debating carbon wrapped or good automotive paint and clear coat.
  2. I do the same thing depending on the situation. I only use rivnuts where I might need to change the location or where strength isn't an issue. Everything else is welded into the body.
  3. I just ran across this on a Datsun Facebook group and was wowed by it (wife said I could buy one as soon as my car is running). https://www.facebook.com/groups/1114722628666967/permalink/2033838046755416/?sale_post_id=2033838046755416
  4. Not what viscosity but what brand; royal purple, red line... Is it made for LSDs (if I'm not mistaken you don't want a dedicated lsd fluid in a helical lsd. Lsd gear oil is made for clutch based LSDs).
  5. What kind of diff fluid are you using? Diff fluid can make a huge difference.
  6. Depending on your welding skills. If it were me I would weld it just for peace of mind. Make sure to keep it cool so you don't warp it.
  7. Not much has been going on except I got my new rims and they fit great. Fronts are 15x11 wirth 265/50r15 and rears are 15x12 with 295/50r15. I am still getting them polished and cleaned prior to putting all the tires on the rims. My unit got activated to go support efforts on the Dixie fire complex in California but I got these photos the night before I left. They are WIDE as ill get but they fit great.
  8. Do your self a favor and go with southernpolyurethanes.com best paint you can get. You should only need 2 coats of base covered by 2 mid coats and then 3 coats of clear (little more for wet sanding). Should come out to 1.5g of base mixed and mid and then 2g clear mixed. You can do 3 mid coats if needed based on tiger stripping
  9. Got two of the door hinges rebuilt. Everything was disassembled, sand blasted, soaked in zinc phosphate and then powder coated black. I am just waiting on parts to get the other two built. I ordered the bushing and pin kit off Ebay from westworldautopartsuser and I was somewhat unsatisfied with everything at first but after finishing the first set im happy. When I was assembling the set it felt as though there would be a large amount of play due to the pin being loose in the bushings and the bushings being loose in the hinge body I do not believe this to be the case now as the fina
  10. Best thing I did for tuning is by the hp tuners with data logging and hooked up my wide band o2. I was able to do exactly what iron head said by logging 1 day at a time and changing the tune in the evening. Then I went 2-3 days logging and changed the tune. It took about a month to get her just right. Big thing I learned is to push your spark tables 1 degree forward at a time and then once you get knock back it off 4*. Without a true dino 4* is the safe play to get max power.
  11. So, I have been on leave (kind of) and have gotten a lot done on Athena. I have moved on to the next thing I can do without wheels on the car and that is interior sound deadening. I ordered Noico sound deadening stuff for the fire wall and the floors from Amazon for about $80 for everything. I ordered thicker foam (1/4in thick) for the firewall and it ended up being way more than I needed so I decided to use it in the trunk and still have 6 sheets for the doors. This foam stuff is very sticky and shouldn't have any issues down the road pending issues with heat. For anyo
  12. Its by no means a pro job but I'm super happy with it. I did multiple wipe downs with wax and grease remover and tacked it right before. I had the garage door open about a foot and had multiple fans pulling exhaust out and then I wetted the floor (after I swept and mopped for almost a whole day). The worst part about it is knowing I got to do the rest of the body panels now. Well I got some more done. I mounted all the brake lines, master, booster, front cross member, some of the trim and got the driver 1/4 window in. For the 1/4 window I powder coated the upright and u
  13. I'm going to wet sand and buff once I get the wheels on and can roll her out of the garage. That being said, I am still waiting on my rims after almost 2 years... I think I might have to get some temp rims.
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