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  1. RaiderRed280Z


    Photos of my 1975 Datsun 280Z, and my many upgrades
  2. RaiderRed280Z

    1st draft. wiring for L28-MS3pro

    Sorry for the delay guys, Im neck deep in a fidanza/centerforce 2 install. I designed this for my 75 280Z, will work with all others the under dash connection might be different between the years. I built a "engine" fuse and relay panel mounted on the drivers side inner fender. The MS2 is mounted in the same place as the orginal ECU, and I am using a innovate LC-2 wideband O2 sensor, and I used a 8ft MS2 harness from DIYautotune. I have a master parts list including prices for what I have done if anybody wants a copy of that.
  3. RaiderRed280Z

    1st draft. wiring for L28-MS3pro

    Here is a photo of the one I made last year when I was doing my MS2/EDIS set up in my 75' 280Z. If anyone needs it I believe I still have the file one one of my drives at home.
  4. RaiderRed280Z

    Megasquirt 2 V.3.57