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  1. Give the guys over at Sinco Customs a shout. Others will beg to differ, but they're the best. They'll accommodate anything.
  2. Jeff,

    Are you still making digitized dimensional data available?

  3. I got it for $1500 plus gas and trailer rental. I figure it'll be hard getting my money out of it.
  4. So I bought this car by mistake. I honestly thought I wouldn't win the ebay auction when I made my offer...stupid me. Anyway, I am looking to get rid of it, all out, or part it out. What are your opinions? I already have a 1975 280Z project going on and this is just too much for me to tackle. It came with four carbs total, has two rear coilover setups, an aftermarket gas tank, some janky custom metal work (no offense if one of you originally owned it) and some chassis reinforcement that I actually like. Alloy wheels Not sure if the diff is original, but probably is.
  5. I need an email address. File size should be around 53gb. If it's smaller, it's not the complete file.
  6. Everyone, it seems that some of you are having problems with the virtusurv file and it not serializing. I will be reuploading it in the next couple of days. The link should automatically direct everyone to the correct files. However, just let me know if I need to recreate a new link and I will happily do so. I would love to know what people are doing with the scan files! Personally, I hope to benefit from all this by seeing a better selection of aftermarket and replacement parts at more attractive prices...especially coming from the 3D printed markets. Thanks all!
  7. If you need a copy of the scan, send me a message with what you need and your email. You will need dropbox

  8. Got it uploaded! PM me your email and I'll send you a link!
  9. Hey, if this becomes a big thing, what are my chances of having a long nose R-200 LSD shipped to me? Eh? Eh? LOL
  10. BTW, still uploading. I can't use my employer's upload bandwidth so I'm using my home's. Last I saw it said 200 days, I doubt it'll take that long. If you want to paypal me the money for an SD card and postage, you can. Or, you can send me a shipping envelope and SD card and I'll mail it back. PM me if you want to do either.
  11. Wow thank you! And thanks for the complement! I will make this available to all tonight!
  12. Good news: I don't feel ethically right selling the point cloud because the quality is not as high as I would expect, had I purchased one. Therefore, I'm going to make it available for download for free. However, you will need to be able to import .rcp files. There is also a .pvp file you can use Virtusurv to read. This is invaluable because it allows you to precisely dimension parts using photos among other things. There is a Scene2Go .exe file included so you won't need to download software for that. Just find the .exe file. I will post directions. In the future, I would lik
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