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  1. well i am a php guy so if you need a hosting service (if you go option 4) let me know and i will send a few links your way via a pm with free hosting services but there is alot of work to do when you go that route its not alway as simple as people think but it can be anyway you go about it i cant wait to read all about it
  2. i called the guy today to tell him that i know of someone who wants the car and he said someone was there hooking it up right now so sorry guys the car is gone!
  3. it is what i am told a 1982 and i have for sure it is a 280 zxt saw the l28 turbo motor my self and its in lincoln california they guy just wants someone to weld up some stuff on one of his trailers to make it into a car hauler and then the z is thiers it has sat there for about 6 years and the guy says it use to run then it broke then he parked it the interior is no good but the the rest looks ok the only visable damage to it is the left hand fender but he has another one that comes with it the car is free and will need to be towed home it is AUTOMATIC and STOCK nothing too exciting about it besides that it is pretty much free. he has the mig welder there for you to use he just doesnt know how to weld so you do the welding and he gives you the car he has tons of stuff he will trade for the welding but the z is what i talked to him about he has sbc's tranny even a few pickups heck he has a motor home he would trade for the welding to be done just let me know quickly about the car cause hes about to put it in the penny saver and craigs list
  4. well i have decided i wont take the car if you want it pm me and i will do what i can so that you can get the car up here in northern cali just to let you know the car is free it wont cost you a dime but you have to do some welding for the guy who owns it to get it
  5. ok so i have decided i wont get the car and that i am going to let the users here know about the car for your use however you seem fit if you would like to know the location of said car pm me and i have decided after going through some auction sites to save up some money and later on down the road buy an r32 from japan. i found a couple of really nice tuned ones on this site for about 10k shipping to LA included. so i think im just going to go that route and buy a car that is already fun to drive and save the time money and hastle
  6. ok act 1: rip (not really more like pull) the car out of the field with my brothers truck act 2: take out the motor and trans and rework it for as much power as i can act 3: rework the chassis a bit to handle such power (i know i cant just put a bunch of power to it without working the rust issues i just dont care how it looks) act 4: cruise the highway at midnight and find some prey! and yes if i do come to the point where i decide i will not get the car i will let the first person who has already asked me where the car is know the location for a small fee maybe...
  7. ok so i have come to the conclusion that if i do get this car the first thing i want to do is get it running than just make as much power as i can. i dont care how it looks i just want to convert it into a 5 spd and put the numbers down with as much boost as possible with out a whole bunch of money. i mean i would love to have a great looking car but a rust bucket that runs like a bat out of hell is way more fun that a 10 star looker that couldn't pass a school bus.
  8. well thank you guys for letting me know what you think... anyone in the area want a parts car? I'm in the sac valley up in lincoln
  9. well jerry if i were to build this car the interior would not be too much of an issue. i wouldnt be building this as a daily driver but more to be a beast of wich no one would want to f*ck with on the night scene, so i need inside is some beats and a seat and the car is automatic...
  10. ok so this will be my first post on this here forum after reading for days and days and i have decided that you guys are the bomb! (btw please forgive me of my horrable spelling and grammer i am dislexic). my Q for you guys is this... i have recently came into the chance of getting what i am told is an 82 i know for sure its a 28zxt checked it out a few days ago and it an l28t. the problem is when it stopped running 6 years ago (the guy has no clue why!) he parked it in a field and there it has sat for 6 years! when i popped the hood the grass popped up to be higher than the engine! the inside is rotted to all hell and i have no place to store it if i do get it from him! but its FREE! i just dont have time money or a place to put it untill i can work on it. anyone in the sacramento area of ca wanna give me a hand with this? i have always wanted a badd a$$ Zcar and now that i have a chance to get one i cant!
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