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  1. If you are looking for a very very nice one, I have one we found that I am pretty sure is NOS that I am going to eBay soon. I know I have one other, complete with a good map light I was about to list after getting nice pictures. There is a small crack at 3 o clock on the right hand screw hole, and the two screws are kinda "sunk" in to both the map light and the face plate. The map light housing is also beginning to crack from the back side on both screw holes, but this is a wordy description of what you see and think "It is forty years old, thats in pretty good shape." I
  2. Have you read the sticky on How To Balance Your Valvetrain?? The process is much less complex than even that. Valvetrain has many many more and different types of parts that need to be balanced and matched.. You only have six piston rods. I haven't ever actually done it myself, but I would be with the "Yes, get it taken care of now that you are thinking about it, because you are thinking about it" school here.
  3. You *could* also get ahold of an L28 to drop into your S13....... It has been done before! Six cylinder goodness, still Nissan, without the price of getting an RB... Throw it together with some carbs and its easy to get 200 horse for 2K, if you can find the right engine package to pick up, or maybe a bit more if you have to source things and put it together yourself. The transmission from the S13 is swapped into S30s frequently by way of a modified L-series bellhousing on the S13 gearbox... so that much is easy, you just have to fit the engine under the hood. Not sure how easy this is o
  4. Great beauty, great union.. Great Photo!!!
  5. Thats sweeter than a watermelon in August, man!!! That is the Bee's Knees, and the Gnat's Knuckles!!! I want to say it would have been nice to hear RPM's, but at the same time I want to say I respect you more for not revving your cold started engine. Are you considering investing any more time into cleaning the appearance of the throttle bodies themselves up, or are you pretty much planning on leaving the bosses and hoses and various other obsolete bits as they are? I love how the current appearance of the bodies lends itself to the idea it might be a factory config
  6. I wasn't exactly pointing that the TB cross sectional area to runner or valve area was problematic.. just that one of your "huge by large" TBs was installed here, and they used those magical "oversized" size valves (thats a metric oversized, not a standard oversized.. Standard oversized valves in a boosted car would just be.. overkill.. ) BUT THEY KEPT RUNNER DIAMETER NEARLY STOCK, which is the BIGGEST reason to take the bloody stock manifold off!!! I had TOTALLY forgotten about this car in my little 3 week HybridZ vacation. Finding this thread again reminded me of the car, which ju
  7. Honesty. Sorry if it seems a trifle rude. My reaction was "If you have to ask the question of S30 versus S13, and "the D word" is involved at all, then the 240SX is your answer.. If I knew a guy with a 91 Z-28, and a '70 Z-28, and he was thinking of setting one up for a street/some track Fun DD car, and wanted to know which he should do.. I know I'd be pointing at the third gen. Save the Papa John Z-28 for a big hole in the hood and a blower, something to spin out on the weekends to turn heads and have fun and look cool in.. that MAYBE sees 1500 miles a year. SURE,
  8. Wow times wow, to the cool power. I've gotta start cutting things up, even if I don't know how to weld them back together yet. I cannot BELIEVE the acreage between the TBs and the fenderwell there.
  9. If the header is an MSA header and it is simply missing the little Y-pipe, you can also order that from MSA. I did just that, once upon a time, and it was 20 or 30 bucks IIRC. Call them up and speak to them, in five minutes you can ask about four or five questions and they'll answer with a smile and let you hang up to think about what you want to do.
  10. My fourth-grade level thread is all grown up.... *sniff*
  11. Nice pictures!!! very natural exposure, what kinda of camera was that?
  12. I've kept quiet on this, because my relevant experience was with a Geo, and because I didn't want to write a book about a Geo in response to your situation.. so I will try to be short and sweet. My first car was a 92 Geo Storm hatchback. Pretty sweet little ride, except for the automatic tranny.. 1.6 liter, aluminum block four cylinder, 12 valve single cam head (two intakes one exh I THINK) It had like, 160K on the odometer when I got it upon high school graduation. After four thousand miles, the timing belt snapped on me while driving on I-95. (Turned into a MUCH worse day th
  13. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/cto/1741514377.html Straight quote, no snipping any statements out: "5 angle valve job with heavily ported and polished head , ferrea oversized valves, custom intake manifold with 1 1/2 runners, wilson 90mm throttle body ," Thats 38.1mm ID runners on "oversized" valves. Did the numbers and the 90mm TB is *slightly* less cross-sectional than 6x1.5 inches, but still, how big are the valves? How big are the runners? HOW much HP was this supposed to make?
  14. This is NOT a passive-aggressive message to you Josh, but the key is quoted here, and the REALLY important bit is boldened. I know this one the friggin hard way. I (believe it or not) am a TALKER. I talk WAY too much. About everything. In grimacing detail. I am the guy who it is hard to hang up the telephone with; the guy who can't leave your house and can't take the hint when you are trying to leave his. (Those last two, just a little bit.) Because of this fact, I get alot of people who simply gloss over anything I ever have to say, and so they never realize what val
  15. One major thing about the butt-dyno is.. the butt-dyno has about four or five different sensors, all of which read a different parameter. The Dyno Controller Apparatus (your cerebral cortex, or your brain stem, or your inner ear, or whatever) takes those inputs, multiplies them, and spits into your conscious brain this impression of power or that impression of power. Already in this thread, the descriptions of how power can feel are abundant; this is because the butt dyno gives us a smile of varying intensity; nothing more. We add the comments like "pushed back in the seat" versus "head pr
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