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  1. Yeah, now that I've driven around a bit without the front "park bench", it does turn and handle noticeably better. I guess I was spoiled by my last RWD car with no power steering in that regard, a Datsun 210D.
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies. The tires are good and properly inflated, so I guess it's just the car! Oh well, I can deal with that. Would replacing the steering bushings even do anything? The ones I can see do look pretty old so I'd probably be replacing them anyway.
  3. Since I got my 77 280Z, I've always noticed that turning the steering wheel at low speed requires some serious torque. Now this isn't my first car without power steering, but the amount of force required seems unusual... is this likely to be an old worn bushing problem, something else, or is everything likely fine?
  4. twoeightythreez, I am interested in doing this exact same thing with my '77 280Z. As I understand it the 280ZX model 5-speeds have slightly different wiring for the reverse lights, did you find this to be the case? Also, apparently there are some parts you still need from the 5-speed that can't be used from the 4-speed, a cable or some such thing. Anyone?
  5. Sounds like a plan. Is there anything I should be hunting for in hard to reach places down by the firewall, or points that will require taking apart the interior to get at? Also, do the ball joins pop apart to be lubed or should I just lubricate them as is? Thanks for all the help, guys.
  6. I have a '77 280Z, and the throttle pedal works great... unless I push it all the way to the floor, then it gets "stuck" which is to say it doesn't retract very quickly. It seems to retract in slow motion for about an inch of play then snaps right back up, meanwhile my revs climb like crazy as you would expect. What should I be looking for that would be causing this resistance (or lack thereof)?
  7. Back from the dead! I figured that this would be better than making a new thread, since I'm going to be doing something similar. I have a 77 280Z with the original 4-speed MT. The previous owner swapped on a 5-speed rear end, for reasons already mentioned in this thread. However, I've decided to swap on a 280ZX 5-speed. A couple of questions, though: 1. Someone mentioned making sure to pull the speedo cable, and I was wondering if this is still applicable since I already have a 5-speed rear end (for purposes of speedometer accuracy) or if it is still just as relevant for that accuracy irregardless of the rear end I am using. 2. Someone brought up two connections present for the 4-speed manual for sensors, has anyone figured out how the single sensor on 280ZX transmissions relates so it can be hooked up properly? I'd hate to have the transmission installed and have the reverse lights come on in neutral, or not at all.
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