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  1. The picture makes it look like it's close to the water pump, it actually angles away from it. It's not very close to the block or the water pump. I just got my fuel tank from the fabricator, now I need to get new straps made as they are 2 inches to short. it's getting close.
  2. I can take more pictures of the thermostat inlet, just tell me what angles you'd like.....it's a close fit to the alt belt......maybe 1/2 inch or so the upper coolant neck turned out sweet, just perfect. The alternator was given to me along with the bracket witha bunch of VG33 parts so I originally assumed it was from a vg33....when I tried to use it on my wagon it wouldn't fit, so I asked the guy I got the stuff from and he said it was from an SR20...so I really don't know. the aletrnator was perfect as I was able to take a big bite out of it to clear my exhaust manifold. I redrilled and tapped the bolt boss in the head to mount the bracket bolt with something a little larger than a fender bolt, ended up working out perfectly.....sometimes it pays to hang on to shit. in the process of waiting for my fuel tank to be made, then it should be really close. What did your VG S30 finally dyno?
  3. Some updates, I've fallen way behind with updates so I'll just jump to where I'm at now. Brakes are fully functional now, park brake operational, clutch operational, tackling the wiring clean-up and still have to finish the wastegate dump tube, the remainder of the exhaust which the back half will be full aluminum, fuel lines need to be run, fuel tank in the process of being built, fuel pump and level sensor to be installed, coolant plumbing and induction still need to be hammered out........it's a long list. Found a cool gauge in the aem line.....it's a wide band and boost gauge in one. pretty cool. I've uploaded a few pictures
  4. Got a bunch of stuff done, still a long ways to go but it's getting there. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150324137365249.567065.822295248&type=1&l=83747c835f
  5. Yeah, just for simplicities sake, my manifolds don't look like works of art like yours do.....now I need to find a v-band adapter that fits the HY35 exhaust outlet so that I can route the down pipe. Progress is progress so I'm not complaining. Love your new gauge setup, how does that speedo work through tunnels?
  6. Updates, finally after almost a year and a half I got started back on the 240ZT Brakes, wheels, turbo.....manifold almost done!
  7. Been thinking about it but I have to trailer it to work every time I want to work on it as I live in an apartment and can't work on it at home. Plus I'm at the stage where I need to drop $2500 on brakes, right now I'm too cheap to do that. Maybe next year.
  8. 2 Drivers side 4-bolt 84-89 Z31 Turbo CV's non-VLSD. One drivers side inside joint needs to be flipped to shorten axle by 1/2 inch. Flange adapters are billet from Modern-motorsports.com . Drivers side may be still a little long still but manageable.
  9. Picked up a Holset HY35W, v-band clamp and downpipe today for $220. Minimal shaft play, nice and clean. Time to start making some manifolds soon. Anyway, some drivetrain updates. Got all the suspension and both CV's in. CV's were a little tight but man all this stuff is super nice to work with. straight bolt in affair.
  10. Yeah, with my na headers the alt is close, so I figure if I make my own turbo manifolds I'll try to tuck that turn or my work around will be a header wrap, that should keep the heat down to a manageable level....we'll see I guess.
  11. Small update, suspension and drivetrain stuff only. After a long wait I finally received my driveline and suspension parts from Modern-Motorsports. I ordered the coilover sleeve and spring kit, billet aluminum front hubs in zero offset, billet rear stub axles, and billet rear CV adapter flanges. I removed the old spring perches and installed the collar for the threaded sleeve to rest on. Painted the strut and installed the parts.....can I mention how much I hate grease! Here are the pics.
  12. I will be making my own manifolds with a set of blank flanges I picked up a while back. I could use the headers from my extra VG30.com kit for a 510 and NA VG30 it to get it running quicker as the headers look like they would fit but I don't see me completing this anytime soon. I need to locate an engine and dash harness as mine has disappeared along with my good clean matching rear struts. Yeah once the motor was in the car the design just came to me and seemed like my best option. The only thing still left to work out is the alternator tensioner bracket, exhaust manifolds would be custom fab in most swaps anyway. Yeah, my winter car is an 86 Z31 na2t, but I still have an extra turbo motor kicking around. I should put my spare NA VG30 into it and turbo that but it's at home nowhere near my shop. I have too many spare engines.
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