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  1. I need 4 shocks. May be interested in coil/shock setup. Let me know what you have. Also need a few misc parts. Rear diff gasket steering rack boots 5 lug conversion parts and rear disc parts
  2. I'm running a floor shifter from a late model corvette and using the 4l60e trans in my Z. The stock LS1 camaro cable matches up to the trans and shifter but is too long. Does anyone make an aftermarket universal throttle cable for this application? Can't find much on google, planning on going to our local 4x4 shop to see what they have.
  3. Is the size of the fuel line determined by the ID or OD? I have 3/8" OD aluminum line from summit. Also, can I use this 3/8" OD line for the return line as well?
  4. I've found that I need a corvette regulator/filter from 99 or newer to accomplish a return line. I can't find the correct part number for this filter, anyone care to share?
  5. Ok, I've got my fittings and lines all ready to go but have a question I can't seem to figure out. The LS1 does not have a return line on the fuel rail. I understand the Camaro had an in tank regulator and return but I am using an aftermarket stainless tank with return lines. Doesn't the LS1 already have a pressure regulator on the fuel rail? What is the easiest way to add the return line. I don't really want to purchase the Street and Performance rails with built in return. Please help me out, I'm trying to run my fuel lines today. THANKS
  6. Gotcha. Ok I'm going to just use the quick connect with the barbs for the HP rubber lines to connect to. A few more questions. Is there a barb fitting that will connect to my aluminum 1/4" ID fuel line with threads or something? I don't have a flare tool or know which one to purchase. Also, do I need a new fuel rail that has a return line or something?
  7. Thanks Cable. The sending unit is actually from some sort of GM car or truck. I will be using a HB walboro in tank pump that just replaces the gm low pressure pump. I did the same thing when I put the LT1 into my truck. Anyhow, the fuel rail on the LS1 does not have a return line, I guess Camaro didn't use a return? What connector did you connect to the fuel rail? Right now it has the factory fitting that uses the special tool to remove.
  8. I've got a 98 camaro LS1 in the z and am running an in tank GM pump. I've purchased aluminum 1/4" ID line from summit and need to connect this all. I have never messed with fuel lines or fittings. First off, do I need a return line, there is not one in the camaro. Also, what fitting can I use to attach the aluminum fuel line to the fuel rail? Willing to use HP rubber lines from the fuel rail also, whatever makes the most sense. Finally, what fitting do I need to go from the aluminum fuel line to the standard GM fitting on the fuel sending unit? I'm lost. THANKS
  9. Your car is turning out great! I really like the tail panel, looks good! I noticed you went with a 5 lug setup and that you are running toyota front calipers. I plan on doing the same and I'm at the stage where I need to get the brakes on. What hubs are you running up front? I see that you used the rear hub re drilled in the rear which I also plan on doing. I'm assuming your front hubs are from the z31? If so, what year are they from and what rotors are you using? THANKS and your car looks awesome, keep us posted!
  10. I'm wanting to use junk yard parts here. I know that the z31 turbo hubs fit. I know that you use the z31 rotors and toyota truck calipers. Is there some kind of spacer needed to space the disc from the hub? I have read that we need this spacer and I've read that you don't need to do anything? Also, should I be using the z31 rear rotor with redrilled hubs or what? I've been through these threads like an attorney over an auto accident claim and can't find any info on a complete junkyard setup.
  11. Engine mounted up nicely. Waiting for energy suspension bushing kit to arrive so i can install the front arms, steering linkage, sway bars, etc.
  12. This is a great thread. I've sourced a lot of hub/rotor setups from the early year turbo zx cars but have a few questions. Do these hubs move the wheel offset out 3/4" like I read somewhere? Also, does this create a problem, I plan on running 17" wheels. S12w toyota calipers work as well correct? Lastly, do we use the early turbo zx calipers/rotors in the rear and of course re-drill the hubs? Any write ups on this that I am missing? THANKS
  13. After hours of reading, I've decided to go with the 5 lug conversion for the Z. I would like to Order Joe's rear disc conversion bracket or go with a conversion setup that sells on ebay. I will just weld and re-drill the hubs. Joes Kit requires Rotors from a 79-81 ZX and the Ebay setup uses rotors from a 82 ZX. I have not yet found a 5 lug rotor to work with these brackets. MSA sells a slightly more expensive caliper adapter which uses 83-84 ZX rotors which I understand are available in 5 lug if ordered from a "Turbo" model? Another question is, are there any direct bolt on 5 lug front hubs that won't move the wheel out 3/4"? Is moving the wheel out 3/4" a bad thing? I'm not real familiar with wheel offsetting. I know there are a lot of posts on this but I can't find any that make all this perfectly clear. Thanks.
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