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  1. LooseRocks

    ABS in a 240Z?

    Did your setup get finalized. Can you provide pictures of the front sensor setup?
  2. LooseRocks

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    Hi Wozza and SHADY, Did you receive your new parts? Did that resolve the issues? Thanks,
  3. LooseRocks

    CXRacing vs Tech2motorsports engine mounts

    Hi Nelsonian, Thanks for the pictures. From them it looks like a bolt in solution or are the bolt holes just to hold it for welding? It looks like the engine sits further back with this mount. Do you think that the available shifter relocation kits (serialnine, CBF, GKTech, exccessive ...) for the CD009/CD00A will allow fitment so the factory shifter location can be used. Can you share the install instructions? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but there is little to no information on this product even on Tech2's website. Thanks
  4. LooseRocks

    CXRacing vs Tech2motorsports engine mounts

    Do you have larger pictures of the Tech 2 kit? Thanks.