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  1. I've converted the one labeled "Late Model" to a visio (pdf I posted above) so I can edit it. Right now the engine is out of the hole and I'm participating in the time honored tradition of fixing the rust in the battery tray area. I have hooked a power supply to it and tested that all of the switching function works. Fortunately it's still all there. I just haven't disassembled the steering column and dug into it with a meter. I know that somewhere in the middle of the Series II the switching function changed but have not been able to figure out when. From the stuff on sale at ebay and fragments of information else where it was right around my build date. Figured it would be an easy question for the masses.
  2. I think I already have the wiring diagram (found here: http://xenonzcar.com/s30/files/1971 FSM Supplement.pdf ). I'm working from the '71 FSM Supplement. It contains two wiring diagram. The first is labeled "Basic Model" and the second one is labeled "Late Model". The major differences appears to be the combo switch. I'm sure there's some other minor stuff in there also. I just want to make sure I'm starting with the correct diagram for my chassis so I can get a good understanding of what the starting point looks like. I'm gutting the wiring in the car and re-purposing the switches. It's going to be a complete rewire with a Leash board at the heart. I'm going to confirm the switching with with a meter once I get going. But if I have the correct diagram I can put together a more solid plan before I set sail. I guess I could always just crack into to column and get in there and see what's what. You can get .pdf from here without having to download any weird pdf converter. http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html
  3. I've hit a bit of confusion. The production date on my Z is 5/71. I think that I should be working from the diagram that's NOT labeled Late Model. Can somebody confirm this?
  4. Should have waited to make this post. I've already found one miss-connection and a couple of missing dots. I will update soon
  5. I'm rewiring my Z and scraped this from the '71 "Supplement Chassis Manual". I was having trouble chasing the black lines so I put this together. Maybe someone can also use it. But I'm mostly interested in having some other eyes on it to find my mistakes. If you find any mistakes or missing wire joins (black dots with white center), please let me know and I will update. 1971_240Z_late_model_r02.pdf
  6. No issues. That's good news. I didn't want to have to do anything about that.
  7. I've been digging around and my search skills are just not up to par. It comes out of the firewall on the starboard side and along the frame rail. On the OEM engines that's not an issue as the exhaust manifold is on the port side. For the JZ GTE it would run right next to the exhaust manifold and down pipe. What are people doing about the chassis body wiring going forward?
  8. Did your setup get finalized. Can you provide pictures of the front sensor setup?
  9. Hi Wozza and SHADY, Did you receive your new parts? Did that resolve the issues? Thanks,
  10. Hi Nelsonian, Thanks for the pictures. From them it looks like a bolt in solution or are the bolt holes just to hold it for welding? It looks like the engine sits further back with this mount. Do you think that the available shifter relocation kits (serialnine, CBF, GKTech, exccessive ...) for the CD009/CD00A will allow fitment so the factory shifter location can be used. Can you share the install instructions? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but there is little to no information on this product even on Tech2's website. Thanks
  11. Do you have larger pictures of the Tech 2 kit? Thanks.
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