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  1. I would think that any transmission shop that's reputable would be able to do that type of work.
  2. For every car that I've ever played with the aftermarket has always been suspect. Even the reputable vendors will take some shortcuts. Parts don't fit and you need to grind/chop on them or grind/chop on the cart to make it work. I'm OK with that. I just wished they were all up front about it. I just want to understand the scope of the work before I start. I modified the cable to fit the car. A dremel with a cut off wheel is magic/tragic for fixing/destroying parts (and fingers).
  3. It sounds like his drum brakes are at the end of life (pads or drums or both) and he wants to go in a different direction. The T3 cables for the hand brakes will require some modification to make fit. The retaining collar on the T3 cables are different than the OEM. The part that sits in the body bracket (above the driveshaft/diff) on the OEM one is ~7/16" and the T3 one is ~9/16". You will have to either drill out the bracket to 9/16" or modify the cable (a few options here). Info is for '71.
  4. Is that color more green like the pictures with the driver's/passenger's door? Or is it more aqua like the smuggler's door?
  5. By that I take it the shop is doing the entire assembly of the short block then.
  6. Did you have to send all your parts (bearings, rods, pistons, pins, rings) to your machinist for the dynamic balancing?
  7. They've been out of stock for some time now. Not sure how much of an "option" it will be going forward. That's always the issue with after market parts for ancient cars. Sometimes companies just stop doing what they do. Hopefully it's just a carona supply chain issue or just waiting on another batch to be built.
  8. Is it possible to operate without the speed input? If you feel that it's not too dangerous, can you try it out and let us know how it feels a various speeds?
  9. I can't really say for sure as I have not installed my brakes yet. This was something that was recommended by Silvermine as the OEM valve was meant to balance the OEM front disc with OEM rear drum. When I do the install I will remove it and add a manual proportioning valve from Wilwood to adjust the balance.
  10. Did you remove the proportioning valve that was intended to be use with the OEM rear drum brakes. It lives at the end of the line going back from the engine bay through the trans tunnel. https://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/cancel-out-your-stock-prop-valve-with-double-female-unions-m10-1
  11. That's great. I hate it when kits aren't as complete as they should be. Thanks.
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