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  1. With the key on, check that you have 12v going to the injectors. Then if you have a noid light, plug it in to the injector harness end and crank the engine and see if it flashes, signifing your computer is seeing a rpm pulse and firing the injectors. If the niod lamp doesn't flash, you probably need a ecm, (ecu).
  2. No, the guy is giving me a free motor that has round ports, that I was going to use to swap out a bad square port engine. Thanks for the helpful info!
  3. I have a 1975 280Z and someone has offered me a 1978 280z engine with round exhaust ports, mine has square, N42. Can I swap the motor right out making sure I use the round port ex. manifold, or am I dreaming and it's more complicated than that? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. Kevin
  4. Thanks, found some complete runners on craigslist, will have to remove engines out of two cars, wife is going to be thrilled!
  5. Doing just the rings has crossed my mind, but I'd kick myself if I did it and months later developed a rod knock. Last time I worked on a Z in the late 80's, the parts were everywhere, I could by used good engines at every recycle yard. I've called everyone in my area and they said "no that car is way too old." The yards know they can make way more money on the newer models than to waste time on older cars.
  6. OK I did a search and read as much as I can, but all the different heads and combos used is making my head spin. So heres my question, are all 280z engines the same from 1975- mid 1977 so long as they have N42 heads?
  7. oil added to #2 brought the compression up to 190 psi. Rings for sure.
  8. Do you know the locations for the computer grounds? Thanks!
  9. Car starts and runs with starting fluid only. Have got fuel pressure to injectors. Have got 12v to injectors, test light shows power to both terminals to injectors. Shouldn't one side be ground during cranking? Both are staying 12v positive during cranking.
  10. The compression in all cylinders is 150 with #2 being only 80. I would like to do as little machining as possible. My max budget on the enigne rebuild is 1800. The car sat for 12 years....finally have spark and fuel to the eng, still won't start. I want to get it running with the old engine first, just to see if I'm facing anyother cost...injectors, flowmeter...ect.
  11. I'm putting together my friends 1975 280z. Bad compression in #2 cylinder, (rings). Anyone know of a good inexpensive rebuilder in NorCal or have a good L28 for sale? Thanks!
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