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  1. Nothing wild, no. I was probably just asking the wrong people... but when I asked about the mishi and the champion on amazon the vendor guys said it was only for the L24 and L26 with the guy representing mishi saying: "No it will not, sorry". I'm thinking of just trying one of them and seeing if it works.
  2. Greetings all, So, I have a '73 240z with an L28E from a 280z. She needs a new radiator. I've heard that the stock radiator for the 280z would sit a couple inches lower than desired and needs some extra mounting work. That said, I'd like to put a new all aluminium radiator that fits the 240z properly, but that can also cool the L28. Now, I would think that any decent two or three row would be fine. When I tried to inquire about using this champion cooling 3 row, the dealers were pretty much saying no dice. So, the only brand I can find that actually cl
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