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  1. I'm going to read the fsm tonight to see what next to do.
  2. There's a 2.5 in. Down pipe from msa. It ran really well a month ago, and that was with a weak fuel pump pushing 25 psi. I got it to run after doing a chevy hei module swap since my ignition module was bad. This was about 1-2 months ago. It just started backfiring 2-3 weeks ago after running fine for a month. I now have a walbro on it but I have yet to check the actual pressure. It definitely sounds bad.
  3. What does this sound like to you guys? http://s15.beta.photobucket.com/user/primary_lotus/media/IMG_1080.mp4.html
  4. I finished the walbro installation and it still does the same thing.. I have not yet checked the pressure but will as soon as I get my hands on a gauge. I'm going to check the maf again to see if its working ..
  5. Leon; I just received my walbro earlier this week! Ill let you know the verdict.
  6. Leon. It was drivable for about a month. NOW the same problem comes up, starts up and dies upon given gas. I had the ignition module tested 2 times and checked out fine. =/ So sad.
  7. HOLY crap! I gotta get me one of those! I'd go with the 3rd poly urethane one, only because thats what I have.
  8. UPDATE; I came upon a thread showing how to do a Chevy HEI ignition module conversion, and I thought to myself "I should try that". I got the part for 27 bucks and what do you know, my car started on the first crank!
  9. HOLY shiznitz!! I was googling around and came across this forum and after reading the whole thing I noticed I WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS POST! Wow has it been long! BTW guys I NOW own a late 74 260z with the infamous l28et! Sorry to bring up such an old ad dead post but I just had to!! Lol
  10. Blu : I have changed out all the lines that were old and hard and also changed the filters. It also smells more like gas. As for the tank I am really not sure if it's rusted inside . Newzed: thanks I have the 82 fsm from the xenon site, I couldnt find the actual pressure but I did manage to test the tps and airflOw meter following the instructions.. Only thing is that the numbers on the terminals wasn't the same.. Thanks you guys I really appreciate all the help.. I'm going to get my injectors cleaned and tested as well as get a new fuel pump.. I will let you guys know how it goes!
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