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  1. Atozone Tonine

    Flares, Suspension, louvers, etc

    The Eibach springs are 2 front, 2 rear Yes, the shocks are tokico HPs Sorry no shipping. Flares and lights are sold. Everything else is available.
  2. Atozone Tonine

    Flares, Suspension, louvers, etc

    Various used, new and NOS parts for 240z New Fender flares - fiberglass from Motorsports Z Store $150 Lightly used Eibach springs painted w black epoxy paint $50 bushings, and rubber for most suspension items $80 7/8" sway bar $100 Rear aluminum louvers $60 Door panel tops w new felt $30 exc condition Door handle and 2 arm rests $20 NOS rear hatch rubber like new condition $50 NOS cowl rubber $20 Tokico shock new in box all 4... $300 Original signal lights ... Mostly complete $40 http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pts/4955033628.html Located in Hollywood CA. Local pickup only. NO SHIPPING 310-424-0207
  3. Atozone Tonine

    1971 240Z V8 $8000

    Sold. Thanks everyone.
  4. Atozone Tonine

    1971 240Z V8 $8000

    Just put it on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271813874429?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Most common question: Would you recommend that I drive it across the country? No. I would not recommend that anyone drive a 40 year old car across the country. Is this code for asking if the car is reliable? If so, then yes, this car is very reliable.
  5. Atozone Tonine

    1971 240Z V8 $8000

    here are some better photos. I included the process photos in there also - as you can see we did alot of work. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/37nuru5f6w29u2f/AADyhM2-tIvxcXg-1UDc8p9Ra?dl=0
  6. Atozone Tonine

    1971 240Z V8 $8000

    I made a quick video today, but will make a better quality one soon. http://youtu.be/8xpuO4arq7c
  7. Atozone Tonine

    1971 240Z V8 $8000

    Hi Everyone. I have been using this forum for a while and really appreciate all the great info. Well here is my former daily driver, that I have completely customized. Sadly selling, but hope that the next person will also enjoy it. 1971 Datsun 240Z Series 2 $8000 Clean Title in hand. Registered and fully insured for last 3 years that I have owned it. All work documented with photos and receipts. I also have receipts of previous owner, going back 11+ years. Chevy V8 from a 1973 Camaro - professionally installed Push button start. Starts right up, never a hesitation. Sounds amazing. 700R4 auto trans - rebuilt recently 600cfm Edelbrock 1405. I just had it professionally rebuilt at BFIC, with Daytona aluminum float pins. Holley aluminum intake manifold Hooker Shorty Comp Headers into 2.75" Custom Stainless Exhaust. R200 3.90 rear end custom drive shaft B+M Shifter Custom fiberglass dash with custom airplane-style switches Custom stainless exhaust Custom aluminum Grill custom rear valence - yes those are nissan cube lights! fenders and headlight buckets made into 1 piece. H4 Halogen headlights. Hi Beams work. Shaved blinkers and gas door. Headlight assembly has been fully restored with new parts and gaskets Many parts Sandblasted, and the most of the body sanded down to bare metal, sprayed with 2-part epoxy primer. The interior and floors were sanded down to bare metal and I applied POR15 using the correct 3 step method. I also did the front frame and wheel wells I used Eastwood internal frame coating inside entire frame/chassis/structural areas. Ready for you to pick the paint color! Original color is 918 Orange. NEW PARTS within the past year or so: Champion 3 row aluminum radiator, dual fans Tires all around wiring - all GXL wire, new fuse box seat cushions, and new vinyl covers Fiberglass parts: front bumper, front spoiler, hood, rear hatch, rear spoiler Mallory electric fuel pump - very quiet RCI Aluminum fuel cell - 16 Gallon Autometer gauges and new sensors New parts within past 2 years or so: Starter HEI Distributor Master Brake Cylinder Battery Torque Converter Serious inquiries only. cash only. no trades. Im not a mechanic, but will do my best to answer any questions. I also have a set of new Tokico HP shocks and Eibach springs, and fiberglass flares that I will sell separately. It is located in Downtown Los Angeles.
  8. Atozone Tonine

    Hatch hinge flange angle?

    THANKS! thats great.
  9. Atozone Tonine

    Hatch hinge flange angle?

  10. Atozone Tonine

    Hatch hinge flange angle?

    It is the piece shown behind the hinge in the photo
  11. Atozone Tonine

    Hatch hinge flange angle?

    If you have your rear hatch off, the piece that gets screwed to the hinge is a small piece of bent metal that is bent and welded to the hatch. I need to know the angle of the bend I that little piece of metal.
  12. Atozone Tonine

    Hatch hinge flange angle?

  13. Can somebody do me a favor and measure the angle of the flanges that screw to the hatch hinges? Either inside angle, or outside angle. I am installing a fiberglass hatch and making the flanges myself. I just need that angle I have attached the dimensions that I measured in case somebody else needs them thanks! datsun hatch flange layout.pdf datsun hatch flange dimensions.pdf
  14. Atozone Tonine

    Replacing glass with Lexan, Question

    What would happen, if I remove the rear window, and keep the aluminum louvers on a fiberglass hatch? Would that create more or less drag? (BTW, I don't drive in the rain... on purpose)
  15. Atozone Tonine

    Should Mat Farah feature this skyline swapped Z on tuned?

    Wow... I was unaware of this incident. Well anyways, I'm always interested in seeing any media content of s30's, so I would still watch the video.