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  1. Works and parks! My high and low wires appear to be backwards, but I may just leave them as they are.
  2. All, I think I was able to resolve my wire identification question (using the FSM). From my combo switch to the Datsun side of the harness: red/blue = blue yellow/green = blue/white yellow/black = blue/yellow Based on the pinout provided in the swap thread(s), this would leave me with black = ground and blue/red = 12V+. I have not successfully tested yet, but I will confirm once I do. ………......…………………….. 70' Datsun 240Z __________________ 91' Honda civic wiper motor blue/white-------pin 86 ________ Pin 87A-------blue/white
  3. Manimal, Thank you for the response. A little more information about my (never ending) project will answer your question. I came across the car completely disassembled with all small parts piled in boxes. I had already planned on making a custom harness for several reasons, but the original harness is molested (I never found a factory turn signal switch, and that connector was cut/spliced to a cheap switch using all red wires). I vaguely understand the wiring related to the park function of the (Honda) wiper motor, but a lot of the info I have been able to find was f
  4. I noticed I forgot to include the diagram I referenced in my initial post. Instead, I will attach a picture of the switch(es) I have, along with what I assume I need to identify on the chassis side of the harness. I have seen several references to there being a color change at the connector. I have been fiddling with a meter and battery, but have not been able to get the order correct as of yet.
  5. Howdy, I am trying to wire a Datsun combo switch to a Honda wiper motor without the benefit of any existing wiring. With one exception, the references I have found have blue, blue/yellow and blue/white wires coming from the switch. My switch, the '72 variant in the link, has yellow/black, yellow/green and red/blue wires. If anyone has any experience with this issue, or can direct me to any links I may have missed, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks! Robert
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