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  1. Where can I find this on my car? It's had a 240z engine swapped into it, so I'm not sure where it would be.
  2. Hi Z Forum, For the past couple days my battery hasn't been charging. I've replaced the alternator and belt. Before this was happening, to get it to charge I'd have to rev my engine to about 3000 RPM. The engine I have is a L24 with an E31 head. Any Ideas? Thanks.
  3. Anyone have specs for this combo? I can't find much docs on them, I found out that my 280zx has a swapped 240z L24 with an E31 head. Bought the car for $900 running, earlier this month. engine has about 130K miles on it. Good pick?
  4. I figured out the guy who wired it didn't do a very good job. It just needed to grounded. Thanks though!
  5. The fan motor (Blower motor?) wasn't working when I bought this 1982 280ZX a week ago. So, i went tot the fuse box to find it didnt have a fuse... not only did it not have a fuse, there is nothing for the fuse too go into. I'm not exactly sure where to go from here, but any help, helps. Thanks!
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