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  1. How's this build coming l coming would like to see progress
  2. keep it updatd im going to be starting the same process sonn and is that a 45 or a 56
  3. this would be a good one they rev hight will fit in and will have alot of power or u could find your self a toyota v12
  4. youll be able to use glass,trim,louvers,seats,if ur going full stock u wont use the tail lights have a different lay out ,all suspension is interchangable and interior wise there are little changes like in the later 280zs (77,78) the floor is raised and has a would over lay with a flap to cover up the spair
  5. i plan on doing a vk swap in my 77 280z,and i would like to know how u mounted it in.i know this isnt the same car but i figure all info could help.
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