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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Distributor is pending.
  2. Fuel rail, injectors and COP sold. bumpity.
  3. Bump! moving and want this stuff gone. Any takers?
  4. Joesw, the rail has 2 3/8” barn fittings, one at each end. Does not have a pressure regulator but is tapped for on on the rail.
  5. Moving, having a baby and selling my 280z. Have some parts that I want to get rid of so I’m not toting them along. All of these parts either 1) came off of a car I owned 2) were purchased from members here or 3) were purchased new. Make (reasonable) offers ECU. 1 - 76 auto trans, 1 - 77 2+2 manual Distributor - 1977 Distributor, 1983 turbo, diy autotune optical wheel installed. Have oil pump spindle to go along. turbo exhaust manifold. All 4 studs intact, no cracks I have a full n47/n47 block head pulled from a 77 2+2. Ran with some encou
  6. Unfortunately the car is long gone. Best of luck!
  7. Baker, hate to break it to you but this is a 9 year old post. Moltar hasn’t logged on since 2015....
  8. That ^^ i could use the drive spindle.
  9. Looking for an oil pump shaft/spindle for a 280zx turbo. Have the distributor from an 82/83 zxt but need the driveshaft to run it all. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  10. You got it. Send me a pm with your info.
  11. I have one from a 280. I don’t know if they are different but you can take this for 10+shipping?
  12. From what I can tell from your photos the body itself looks pretty straight. That helps you out but being in Montana does not. I’m out of Spokane and I see Z cars ranging in price from borderline free to 5k in the condition yours is in. Most of the value you’ll find is going to be in what comes with the shell. Is this a bare chassis? Do you have parts to go with the car not pictured? How is the glass? Knowing if the rust is superficial or full-blown cancer is huge too. The more info you can provide the better people will be able to gauge a market price. From my experi
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