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  1. Completed Velo Rossa or 250GTO wanted to buy. I am in Australia and would like to import a good quality completed car. Australian Customs require that to be able to import a kit car, the conversion must have been completed prior to 1989. (Does not matter that the donor car is 1978. The conversion must have been completed before 1989 with supporting paperwork) I would really like to find a nice example of a VR, but am not sure if the kit was even manufactured prior to 1989. Does anyone know? ie; I might be wasting my time trying to find a VR, and might as well concentrate on finding a 250GTO. If anyone has one of the above for sale, or can answer my 1989 VR question, feel free to contact me. Am not interested in a partially completed car. Only interested in a GOOD QUALITY turnkey with a good interior and mechanicals.. Thanks
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