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Found 19 results

  1. I have two 50th anniversary keys that are uncut for sale in the oem box from Nissan with plastic wrap still in tact. One is sold. Still have one left. Need these gone asap for bills ):
  2. In need of a complete, working 1982/1983 Datsun 280ZX Turbo distributor/ignitor. I am located in 85120 I'm willing to hvw one shipped I need ASAP thank you.
  3. Found what I was looking for. Thanks everyone. Moderators, I wish to close this thread.
  4. Hey all, please let me preface this ad with a little bit of history on myself, I am a former ASE certified auto tech. I also did restorations and modifications for several years before I ended that career. My current career is fabrication and metal repairs on commercial aircraft. My specialty when I did automotive restorations was rust repairs, I have a knack for working steel. I am telling you all this so that you will understand that the rust repair and metal fabrication on this car is not done by a teenage hack (nothing personal kids). With that all out of the way, here is the dealeo... 1979 Datsun/Nissan 280zx 2+2. All new bodywork. All rust removed and replaced with metal. Underside cleaned up and rust removed and replaced with metal then undercoated. Emblems and outside trim removed and holes welded shut. Subtle body modifications include hand fabricated front splitter, and small kick up on the rear lid. The marker lights were also flushed in and custom made lenses fitted with colored LED lights. Seats from a later model chevy sedan were mounted to the stock seat bottoms. Rubber mats on floors to keep messes from dirty feet easy to clean. All suspension was rebuilt with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. Larger front and rear Suspension Technologies anti-sway bars. Front Techno-toy-tuning camber adjusters, front 5 way adjustable Tokico struts, rear 8 way adjustable KYB struts. Lower ride height with adjustable coil springs. Goodridge stainless braided brake lines all around. Custom fabricated strut tower braces and Custom harness bar with new RCI 5 point racing harnesses. Rear end locked up for drift and autocross. I built this car with autocross in mind. 16" XXR wheels with very new Toyo T1R tires. The engine is from an 83 z car, (L-79 head and F-54 block) with cold air intake and an electric fan. The engine is still stock to the best of my knowledge. It runs very strong. Has fantastic oil pressure! New battery. 5 speed 79 zx transmission running Red Line synthetic fluid. Re-covered head liner, no cracks in the factory dash and new paint inside and out (except in the main area of the engine compartment) I have many pictures of the car during the rebuilding phases, ask if you want to see them. I am asking $7000 or best reasonable offer. I have much more than that invested in this car. It deserves a good home with someone who knows how to drive it! As some added incentive, If anyone from this list assists in the sale of my car, I will gladly pay you 100 bucs after the deal is done! If your feeling charitable I will gladly split that with this web site since it has been such a fantastic resourse. If the pictures attached are not that great please message me and I will gladly e mail you the orignal files so they are a little more clear. I can take more pictures if you like as well. Thanks for looking, Dennis~
  5. SOLD!! 1973 Datsun 240Z with 280ZX Turbo Swap/Transplant Pictures at http://www.pbase.com/egillis/240z Full engine (L28ET), transmission(Borg-Warner T-5), rear end(R200/CV Halfshafts), and brakes(full disc) are from 1983 280ZX Turbo. S30 Shell carries a SALVAGE title due to theft, but also carries a post-swap CARB Referee Swap Decal. The car is in fantastic condition, I often forget the salvage title, but I want to get that out of the way immediately for the uninterested or for those looking for something different. Since the car is registered as a 1973 this is unneeded in CA, but the builder of the car wanted it this way. To the trained eye, one can see that this car is crafted from several years of the Z. The rear hatch has the vents and vertical defroster lines of an early generation 240, the doors are from a 260, hood from a later version 280 with vents. The car was built in 1995 by a local farmer who has completed several tastefully executed swaps into older Dattos, including KA24's, and SR20's and refereed by the state Air Resources Board later that year. Engine/Trans/Diff/Struts/Brakes are all stock or NISMO parts, save few modifications. There is an intercooler installed; it is a modified FMIC from the Starion Turbo. There is a 'hardware store' style adjustable boost knob mounted in the engine bay, along with a VDO boost gauge mounted under the steering wheel. MSD 6AL ignition and coil, new TAYLOR 8mm wires. Jet-Hot Coated downpipe from MotorsportsAuto, along with new stainless steel exhaust system (flex joint installed, rear section removable/customize to new owner's liking). New master brake cylinder (aftermarket new) and power brake booster (aftermarket rebuilt). CV boots are in good shape, new clamps on one, new boot on other. Struts are in decent shape, the car sits on lowered Nismo 'blue' springs and has the same 'blue' front and rear anti-sway bars. Two sets of wheels are sold with the car, both with newer tires. 15 x 8 SportMax XXR 002's (red centered Minilite-repros) with Hankook RS-3 225/50-15 (autocross stickies) and 14 x 7 Konig Rewinds (silver Panasport-repros) with 215/60-14 Cooper Cobra GT all seasons. Interior is in incredible condition. Original white diamond print vinyl is still on tunnel and on other areas, under the carpet. Currently has black carped interior, new interior rocker carpet sections, and full carpet floor mats. The silver door sill and black interior scuff plates are new, the door panels are refurbed units from the local Pick and Pull. New headliner, complete seat belts and RJS racing harnesses. Seats are classic mesh headrest Recaros, some of the fabric panels have been replaced on driver's seat. Dash has a single crack, but was covered with quality cloth/suede Dashmat-style dash cover. All gagues work, new dash bulbs two seasons ago, but clock loses time daily. The glove box is only a door, but an original, OEM Nissan part is included and awaits the next caretaker. Quality high power head unit/stereo, rear MSA 6x9 speaker deck, with 8 inch powered Bazooka subwoofer. Wired for door speakers and door locks, but both removed (and included) during recent interior refresh. The car runs wonderfully, stops on a dime, and has the best transmission I have in the fleet. No rust through, and any surface rust was ground out, fixed and 'chemically sealed' in door frame when recently refurbished with new door seals. No other rust found when cleaning out door sills, entire engine bay, exhaust system install, rear CV service, nor when refurbishing brake system. There are many other parts that go with car, including original steering wheel (in very nice condition, I can't use it due to my and its size), a complete, nice condition wiring harness, front bumperettes, and other bits. Custom paint spray cans to match come with car, exterior has 350z Nismo stripes; they are only decals and can be removed. The car was crafted for autocross and the builder and his sons enjoyed a few seasons at local events before selling to local Datsun/Nissan roadster enthusiast. The second owner since build/swap had it during the years ~1998-2003, and simply used as a nice daily driver, putting on several NOS/OEM Nissan exterior and engine parts whenever serviced. I purchased the 240Z turbo in 2003 and used as autocrosser and daily driver, now retired for shows and drives. The car is always garaged, save for about two years in the early 2000's. There are some bits of sorting left for the discerning owner, but for most interested parties, this car is ready to roll. The car is owned outright, title available, and car is available for show upon request/arrangement. I have sold several cars via internet in the past, always enthusiast-level cars with great success, and this car can be shipped. Pricing at $14,000, with some room for negotiation. Available for any questions. Eric G
  6. For sale is a 1971 dark green 240Z. Asking 14,000. Mechanically, this car is great! Transmission and engine operate properly and the suspension is nicely upgraded. Not much in the way of extra noise from the interior. Speedo stopped working a bit ago. It was jumping around and then quit. My guess is that the cable needs to be cleaned of oil that was leaking from a now replaced oil pressure sender unit. Nothing needs to be done to this car to enjoy it every day. It sounds great, runs great, and feels quick and planted. It's got a JDM look with the fender mirrors and flares, front air dam and rear hatch spoiler. New wheels and grippy performance tires round out the aggressive look. All the work was done by Art, the owner of Sunrise Z in Glendale, CA. The paint is ok. It looks great just looking at it, but on close inspection it has some chips and has orange peel texture. Previous owner got it painted cheaply at a shop. Original paint code used. Its a single stage paint job. Interior is great except missing stereo and the bezel that would hold one is broken. It has the controls for, and the majority of the A/C and heater parts, but these systems do not currently work. I'll add more pictures of the interior next to show all of that better. Here are the upgrades: Engine (Orignal L24): Rebuilt Head Aluminum Radiator Twin electric fans with aluminum shroud New Oil pressure Sender New Rear Main Seal New gas tank vent Hoses Vent hose upper rear Vent to filler Vent Upper Front Vent Long Transmission: 5 Speed Transmission from 280ZX - Has been rebuilt Exedy (Dakon) Clutch Kit New Throw Out Bearing Suspension: Sway Bars Strut Bars Tokico Illumina Adjustable Shocks Eibach Progressive Springs Urethane bump stops Urethane bushings Urethane Mustache Bar bushings New Diff mount New Steering rack boots Front Alignment Tires and Wheels Tires - 225/50ZR-16 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 Wheels - 16" X 8" Rota RBR in Hyberblack w/Polished Lip - 4x114.3 +04 Brakes: SS Brake Lines Front Pads - Porterfield R4S Rear Shoes - Porterfield R4S DOT3 Brake Fluid Electronics Starter Relay XR3000 Electronic Ignition MSA Fuse box Exterior Cosmetic: Fender Flares Fender Mirrors Rear Spoiler Front air dam Front lamp covers Rolled Rear Fender lips ( to fit wheels and lowered suspension ) Interior: Replaced Turn Signal Switch Reupholstered seats (original look) New Trunk carpets Retractable 3-point Seat Belts White face gauges New Hatch Plugs New Hatch Weatherstrip installed Includes rest of complete weatherstrip kit New tail light gaskets Rivets for Black Plastic Extras: Original 'Wooden' steering wheel. (needs a horn button) Extra set of tires and wheels ( Centerline wheels wearing 245/50 x 16 tires in the rear and 205/55 x 16 tires in the front) Original 4-speed Transmission (Wheels and 4-speed are at Sunrise Z in Glendale)
  7. Completed Velo Rossa or 250GTO wanted to buy. I am in Australia and would like to import a good quality completed car. Australian Customs require that to be able to import a kit car, the conversion must have been completed prior to 1989. (Does not matter that the donor car is 1978. The conversion must have been completed before 1989 with supporting paperwork) I would really like to find a nice example of a VR, but am not sure if the kit was even manufactured prior to 1989. Does anyone know? ie; I might be wasting my time trying to find a VR, and might as well concentrate on finding a 250GTO. If anyone has one of the above for sale, or can answer my 1989 VR question, feel free to contact me. Am not interested in a partially completed car. Only interested in a GOOD QUALITY turnkey with a good interior and mechanicals.. Thanks
  8. Need funding to finish my Z car before spring- selling the Panasports that came on the car when I bought it 4 or 5 years ago. They have some rather old Yokohama 205/55 tires mounted on them, tread varies. Local Pickup Preferred, will meet anywhere in the Dayton Area, will ship if I must. $720 cash. Image attached of wheels. Image embedded of the wheels on the car, the day I bought it:
  9. I've been delaying this for around a year now, but it's now time to move on. I bought the car in 1999 from a gentlemen doctor in San Antonio that had set it up to Autocross. It came with Koni red struts, Nismo blue springs, ST sway bars, a Sparco Sprint seat and a Schroth harness, it also had both strut tower braces. I drove it like that for several years and Autocrossed it every month during that time. During this time it wore it's original 113 green metallic that was nice enough to win first place 240Z in a local car show. I drove it everyday slowly upgrading things like wheels, brakes, exhaust etc until an electric fan failure caused a chain reaction meltdown of the forward harness. I took it off the road and stripped the car to a bare shell, fixing what rust there was on the car in preparation for new paint. while it was off the road I bought a low mileage F54 block ZX motor and an original CarTech turbo kit. I also bought a ground control coil over kit and the enormous FMIC. I had the car painted and slowly put it back together as time and funds allowed over the next few years, it finally saw the road again in 2005. Here is a list of goodies: Strong L28 F54 NA block tested to 160 PSI +/- on all cylinders and a 2% leakdown on all cylinders. CarTech turbo exhaust manifold RayJay T04B .60/.63 - recently rebuilt with less than 2k miles. Turbonetics deltagate mark II wastegate, vented to atmosphere. 3" mandrel bent downpipe. 3" exhaust with magnaflow straight through muffler. Haltech E6X ECU triggered by 280ZX turbo distributor w/ a z31 trigger wheel Magnecor race wires Innovate Lc1 wideband controller Modified 240Z tank with BRAD RB designed sump - dual -8 fittings off of back Tank has been boiled and coated for use with E85 Earl's sintered bronze prefilter Walbro 250LPH pump (custom alluminum swirl pot is under car for future use) anodized -8 aluminum fuel line with AN compression fittings throughout Canton Meca anodized billet filter housing -8 deadheaded Aeromotive boost regulated ( 1:1 ) FPR Pallnet o-ring fuel rail 550CC lucas low impedance injectors early non-egr intake mainfold - shaved throttle cable control rather than rods KA24 60mm thottle body GFB Dual BOV 2.25" steel mandrel bent intercooler piping Garret FMIC 3" mandrel bent intake with generic filter - intake has -8 fitting welded onto it for future oil separation system - currently it just pulls vacuum from the crankcase. wiring is completely new throughout - EZ wiring 21 circuit block with additional circuits added for supplemental systems. Odyessy PC680 battery mounted under passenger seat. Glovebox door signed by Mr. K Crack free dash Revolution stepper motor EL gauges: speedometer 8k tacho boost gauge wideband 02 gauge fuel gauge water temp gauge oil pressure gauge Each gauge has a settable high/low warning light and output built into it. 3rd gen RX7 seats Schroth Autocontrol II harnesses custom suede/leather doorpanels with orange marine grade stitching matching shift boot and e-brake boot All new u-joints throughout S14 5 speed tranmission custom shortened driveshaft R200 rear end new e-brake cables stock rear brakes stainless steel brake lines toyota 4 piston front brakes new bearings throughout Spares: R180 3:36 diff Rear glass Partial NOS kit RT diff mount urethane bushing kit fresh P90 head Spare F54 block original block RT R200 finned diff adapter the bad: Car has a few dings and paint chips paint and body work is nice, but not perfect The tune could use some work - I've been tuning it myself a little bit at a time but it really needs a expert valve stem seals and guides are bad, but that's what the fresh P90 head is for. I bought matching paint for the engine bay but I haven't got around to painting the engine bay yet. the seats need to be recovered, the passenger side is fine and could be dyed, the drivers side bolster has a hole in it and needs to be repaired. Asking 10k firm, while not a perfect specimen, it's a great strong runner with tons of good parts and most of the hard work done already. I'm not in a hurry to sell, so please no low ball offers. I'll be doing a photoshoot next week but in the mean time I've attached a few photos I've taken over the years. Next time i take it to work ill make a cold start video and upload it. I only drive it around 500 miles a year so not much has changed on the exterior...I spend most of my time under the hood making small changes. Feel free to message me here, email to sparky240zt at yahoo or call at (two one 0) two seven three - 21 forty five
  10. Contact info: Richard M location: oxnard ca. 93030 email: lookitzrich@yahoo.com phone: 805 815 5275 Up for sale is a set of custom one-off three piece billet aluminum wheels with tires. front: 16x8 +6 offset on dunlop direzza 2 (205/50r16) rear: 16x9.5 -6 offset on dunlop direzza 2 (225/45/16). 4.5" lip! No bends, no cracks, wheels are in good condition. Price: $1500 picked up or $1700 shipped. I used 5lug conversion spacers to make it work with my 4lug flared z. i have the rear 5lug spacers if you decided to go this route let me know ill give you a good deal on it. +
  11. I am selling a pair of RARE mirrors that where popular in early British Z cars, new condition in boxes , 275.00$ plus shipping and they are yours,
  12. For sale is my ls6 powered track car. $20,000 Time to move on. Pretty much the best of everything when I built it. 2 sets of ccw wheels. 17x10 front 17x12 rear. 12 gallon fuel safe fuel cell with in tank pump 3.36 r200 clutch lsd with large capcity finned cover and cooler Wolf creek CV axels Arizona Z rear tubular control arms Techno toy front control arms and TC rods Arizona Z large body shocks and adjustable coil over suspension with camber plates. Wilwood calipers front and rear. Front calipers have the pistons with the titanium insulators Rear dics are 12 inches Front disc are full floating 13 inch discs Brakes do not fade. Front hubs are aluminum arizona Z hubs Front ARB is blade type and have a stiffer ARB that goes with the car. Springs currently are 500 front, 400 rear. Have a set of 600 that go with the car. WRX STI power rack and pinion PDK dash with autometer gauges. Butler built seat. Its for a tall skinny person. Other body types need another seat. Tilton in car adjustable brake bias fire supression system Floor and tranny tunnel covered by NASCAR type insulating mats custom made for this car 6 point chrome moly cage Air dam and fenders are carbon fiber hood is glass rear flairs are glass doors are gutted Rear hatch is carbon fiber and lexan from Beta motorsports LS1 with CNC'd heads and custom cam and tune from Carolina automasters. HP and torque were both right at 400 last dyno. ARE dry sump system. Electric water pump brand new C&R radiator with dual fans. The car will never run hot. T-56 with quarter master 7.25 diameter dual disc clutch and flex plate. ALL lines, hoses etc are braided stainless steel with AN fittings. I'm sure there is more. Car has ran 1:40 at CMP 1:37 at VIR north and 2:04 at VIR full course on Kumoh victor racers with an old guy driving it. Imagine what you and some hoosiers could do! This car is fully sorted and as reliable as a track car can be. You show up with fresh tires and fresh brakes and drive it all weekend. If you want to work on the car you can wax it while you are at the track. This car has had 7 seasons with the current motor and tranny. It's probably going to need the bottom end gone thru soon. At that time I would also have the synchros replaced in the tranny. You can go to the track this weekend with this car. It is ready now. Needs nothing to go play right now. . I will not part it out. Parts alone total more than I'm asking. No trades. If you need a trailer I have a nice 34 foot goose neck we can make a package deal on. Pics are here. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/album/1281-ls-track-car/ Pm me if interested. It's going on racing junk and ebay soon. Mark
  13. For sale a pair of old school, black, flag type universal side mirrors, they fit R/L and are 6'' long , perfect for a Z, they are in new condition ,yours for 40$ plus shipping
  14. Hello everyone! I know i havent posted much on here but i am more of a lurker. I am selling my freshly rebuilt motor! For the good news: Completely redone bottom end with a refurbished p90a head, complete with refurbished hydraulic lifters with a stock p90a camshaft. LD28 crank with new rods and new bearings. Comes with a ported and ceramic coated exhaust manifold and a new turbo with a ceramic coated hot side, 2.5" v-band adapter. braided steel oil feed and drain lines will be included. All new gaskets and arp studs. Comes with a Megasquirt 3 ecu, relay board, relay cable, tuning cable, wiring harness, tps, and gm hei module. Stock intake manifold and stock fuel rail, aftermarket fuel pressure regulator 1:1, and 440cc supra injectors are included and have been flowed and cleaned. The bad: Only one thing, kind of a biggie, but possibly not for you. I was changing the headgasket due to a faulty headgasket i recieved from felpro and managed to knock aloose the timing chain tensioner retainer. We all know what that means, I could fix this if i had the time, but i am a full time student/soldier and am working on a rb25 swap for my s130. Now, while i understand that the timing chain may deter some of you from buying my motor, but remember that this is a l30et that has been run only enough to break in the motor, with a freshly rebuilt p90a hydraulic head. If there is anything else you want to know, simply ask, i was looking to make 2300 on the motor to buy other things i need for the rb25, but since the timing cover will need to come off i am willing to drop to 1700 or 1800. I will post pictures here when i get home from work. Looking foward to do buisness with you, Jacob. Edit: Also for sale, Bare p90 head, has been polished and ported with upgraded valve springs and valves. Also parting out l28e motor, cams, distributor, head, manifolds, crank, everything must go.
  15. selling a used XENON urethane front spoiler for an early Z , it is in grey primer in excellent condition 100$ + shipping
  16. I am selling a vintage 14'' DINO steering wheel with a vintage DATSUN horn button , it is in excellent condition , no rips or damage, no hub adapter, 150$ plus shipping and it's yours
  17. I am selling a pair, new in Nissan boxes, CLEAR FRONT MARKERS LENSES<<<>>> 150$ + shipping,.......NOTE these are generic pictures , the lenses that I am selling do have the DOT markings and come in OEM parts boxes, if there is a real buyer for these rare markers , I will post pics of the ones I'm selling, they are in my basement
  18. selling a complete set,4 clear side markers.new in box $35 + shipping
  19. Hey guys, As the title says, I'm looking to buy a first gen S30 Roller. Been HIGHLY interested in getting one over the past few weeks and I plan on it. Preferable minimal to no rust, most/all parts in tact with roller. If you have one with rust and has a few missing parts let me know. I don't discriminate and I sure can put a use to my welders and nibblers.
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