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  1. Good stuff. Any particular models or part names you can think of? Descriptions, components, and methods of connection are I've been looking for. I get the location parts need to go, but noone I've found discusses which parts. All good info, hope it also helps others down the line.
  2. While that makes perfect sense, Tim, my skillset likely doesn't allow for me to get that close! Mostly just 30-60 degrees vs 90 degree dump into the pipe, if anything. Just on the chance it is slightly better than no change. Good reminder, though, if it does get close, I'll have to take the direction of spin into account. --- Brad, now we're talking!
  3. Brad, I appreciate the assistance... but if you are talking about the recirc valve placement, that's pretty set. I drafted this post up concerning the location and physical hardware portion of the pre-Turbo plumbing receiving the blown off air from the Recirc Valve, which should not be anywhere near the TB. So, if you have opinions on the (subject of the Subject line) Return Line and its placement between the AFM and Turbo, I'd love to hear it.
  4. Brad, the 1G DSM Recirc valve goes right before the TB... it is the actual recirculation dump that'll go right back into the AFM side of the Turbo... TimZ and wolfalp, thanks. That sounds about what I expected. The link was super-helpful. T-Adapter... guess I can stick some piping in there and clamp it in... I have to get the Recirc Valve flange welded onto a 2.25 steel pipe anyway, guess I can ask that shop if they can weld a tube into anything down there. And thanks for the gentle nudging on the angle theory.
  5. Easy enough. Trying to eliminate room for opinions on this one. Every BOV/Recirc post I've searched through and read terminates in a discussion of Recirc/Vent. I'd like to find the actual answer to the physical plumbing. I'll take answers or even links/search terms to posts I couldn't find! Those that have, have used, or know how to plumb a Recirculation Valve system... What parts did you/does one use to recirculate a 1" hose into the pipe or boots between the AFM and Turbo? 1G DSM Recirc valve, and I want to release it post-AFM, isn't as close to the Turbo as possible the best? Angle of entry matter at all? Is 45~180 degrees possible, or worth any effort? Thanks!
  6. Looking for a fiberglass sides, aluminum blade Kaminari 3-Piece Wing. Anyone have a line? Pretty much at your price! Thanks.
  7. Looking for mounts and housings at least for Fender Mirrors. Original equipment on Fairlady, 1979-1983. Thanks.
  8. Want to buy Center section and hoses. Will take housing and wastegate parts. Must be 1985-1987 water-cooled T3 Turbo parts. Want to send off the T3 to upgrade my 280ZX Turbo to a T3/T4, and watercooled. Thanks
  9. Greetings. With the lack of a Fender Mirror template for S130 on Google Image search, thought I'd make one, submit it, and let the Interwebz do its thing. These are two sources of Mirror locations I've gotten. Anyone really disagree? Thanks for any input.
  10. Looking for the mirror and wiring. Will taking entire housing. Will buy in a pair with Driver side, if necessary. Thank you.
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