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    my 450zx drift missile

    soon to come newzed.
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    my 450zx drift missile

    no sir.
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    my 450zx drift missile

    hey guys. just joined thought id post my car up show some of you what ive done. this is my 91 Z 2+2. i pulled a 94 q45 VH motor from the junk yard. tore it apart and went through it with a fine tooth comb. clean the motor out, replaced every gasket and o-ring posibble, and hope when i dropped it in it would run. and it did. so its 94 vh45de motor. bone stock besides 3inch straight pipe and cold air. TT trans with an adapter plate. stock shaft, stock diff, just aggressively welded. K-sport coilover, adjustable camber arms all around, tension rods, energy suspension everything in the rear. modded knuckes and extended tie-rods in the front with extended LCA's. drilled and slotted rotors. dual caliper set up in the rear for the hydro. running the q45 ecu. i custom made my own chassis harness ran everything to toggle switches. inside is completely gutted, i wire-wheeled the sound deadening off the floor for 4 weeks. then primed it. i have a corbeau forza and a evo 8 recaro with a no name and a ABeltCo harness. toggle switch pannel dash with push to start. momo wheel, nrg QR. i flocked the whole dash, took out the cluster, cut a piece of wood the same shape, flocked it and stuck it in there. i just have an apexi tach with a digital engine temp display. 14inch shift knob i welded from scrap metal and a 11inch hydro lever i made from a tension rod i snapped. battery in the hatch with a custom battery box and the fuse box is where the glove box would be, along with the kill switch. i going to keep adding to the car so ill be uploading pictures periodically. doing a full cage, fuel cell, and tube front and rear. im just a street drifter and i go to track events when theyre held. i just do this stuff to my car because i want to, not because i need it because im an FD driver or anything.