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  1. That is a great question!! I just recently started working on the project again, I had a ton of stuff to tackle with the new house, one being to build a usable workshop to even start on the project again. I had to pull the transmission because the clutch was stuck, ended up just upgrading to a dual friction clutch while I was in there... Also decided to go ahead and upgrade the rear end with a Gleason Torsen and z31 CVs while I was at it... So that stuff is about ready to go back in. Already upgrading without even getting on the road...
  2. Still in progress, but originally orange, and orange still...
  3. Thanks man! I will definitely be posting a video once I get it running. I'm really interested to see what the exhaust ends up sounding like. Once I get the garage set up at my new place the project will begin again.
  4. Not yet, I will hopefully get started again soon. The last pictures are of its current condition, except it has all the doors and fenders on.
  5. It's been a long time since I last posted. The reason for that is I have been away for military training, since about a year ago. The car has been on hold, sitting in the garage, waiting to begin again. In addition, I got transferred to San Antonio. I am in the process of moving there, and will be settled in by the end of August. At that point, the project will begin yet again... As of now, this is the list of things that need to be done: Pull clutch (it's stuck for some reason) install glass on all sides finish sandblasting and sealing of all trim pieces installing door hardware install lights finish wiring for lighting start up engine, tune start and finish interior Small list, but still seems like a long road. Here are some pictures of the current status, as I don't think I was doing very well at updating the status before I put the project on hold. The door and fenders are off just because they were being repaired by my body guy, and we didn't put them back on until it went into the trailer.
  6. I've done a lot of research on this as well. There is no gasket that comes smooth like that right now. Vintage Rubber was supposed to be coming out with what they call "California Style" smooth gaskets for the front and rear, but they have been in the same development phase for a couple years now. I contacted them on an ETA, and they projected March of this year. I contacted them again a month or two ago, and got no reply. Still, they advertise it on their website as "Coming Soon!" Other than that, you could shave off the little lip that accepts the chrome, but that would be a very painstaking process and probably wouldn't turn out right. What I have thought about doing is painting the chrome satin black and installing it like that. I think filling it in with RTV will probably result in a messy uneven look similar to trying to trim the lip off. Let us know if you find any other solutions.
  7. Yep, the early Z's only have one strut, the left side. The new strut should be fine for a standard spoiler like the BRE.
  8. I don't think it's specific to any browser, it happens to me on Mozilla and Safari.
  9. Hey Admin, I don't know if this is happening to others, but when I report a post, after submitting the report, it goes to a blank white page and seems to just hang up there. It doesn't redirect or anything. Are you still getting the report?
  10. I know this is a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for a new (or like new) set of door glass (yes, the ones that roll up and down, that are not made anymore). The ones I have, have the classic roller lines in them, and the pain and suffering to polish them out JUST might be worth shelling out the cash for a new set, if I could find one. So, if you have a set that don't have the lines, or know where I could find it... please contact me.
  11. True. I would be much more indignant and surprised about the outrageous price of blueberries than some idiot who thinks it's a good idea to pull a gun on a bunch of CHP, after a high speed chase.
  12. I like the comment from the news anchor... "He did what you're not supposed to do, he pointed the gun at the CHP" in the same tone of voice that you would hear them comment on paying too much at the grocery store.
  13. Since I'm already working with Ed, he said he would dig one up for me, but I will let you know if he ends up not having it. Thanks!
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