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  1. And in case anyone was wondering why I have this setup ready to throw into something, I have a 2009 WRX that was rear ended and I bought it back from the insurance company. It only has 84,000 miles on it and I have to put in something, and I feel putting it in another Subaru would be boring! lol
  2. All good points, thanks. I have to pick up an engine at the junkyard on Monday anyway so that'll be a good chance to look for one. I'm pretty sure they had one last time I was there. The Subaru 2.5, last time I did a rough measurement, was 31 or 32" I believe. Couldn't get a great measurement between mounting points on the block though.
  3. Also, I was considering maybe a z31? It's been years since I've owned one of them but if I had to guess, it's a bit wider isn't it?
  4. VW swap would be a blast haha. But again, thanks for the info. I'm the type of guy that WILL get something done, I never leave a project once I've started, unless it isn't feasible. That was my biggest concern, the width of the Subaru motor. If I am to attempt this I think I'll end up finding a different Z to chop up as my current 280 I've had for 12 years and built from the ground up, I'd hate to destroy that one needlessly lol. Thanks everyone, I think I'll look around for something else to drop the Subaru drivetrain into, if not a different Z car.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. That's the reasonable back to Earth kind of stuff I expected to see here, and it's appreciated. I'm pretty capable, have lots of time and decent know-how. If it has been done before though it's always nice to see any general quick tips or suggestions. I found the one where the car ended up a parts rig, very unfortunate. I would really like to see this done but the list to get it done keeps growing as I'm going through it all on my head haha.
  6. So I have a 2009 WRX here that I'm contemplating swapping into my 77. Currently the car has a 350 in it. Has anyone tried this before? I want to attempt to move it all over, including AWD. I have everything, motor, trans, wiring harness, all computers axles and anything else I'll need. Would be cool if there's write up if it's been done already.
  7. I'm looking to do the same thing... 700R4 rebuilt about 2500 miles ago, about 3 grand at 65 MPH. I did a mpg on it last tank and I got a mixture of 21 city/hwy and getting on it pretty hard half of that time. I would like to improve the mileage a little more and imagine lowering that rpm range at highway speeds would help out.
  8. Thanks guys. Turns out when the distributor bolt was loose the timing retarded itself so far that I couldn't even see the real timing mark originally, and was going off the wrong one. Got the timing just right now and man what a difference. I still feel the carb isn't quite right so I bought a vacuum gauge to get it figured out.
  9. Thanks everyone. @Ryant67 Unfortunately, I'm not due that credit. I bought the car as it sits, for the most part. I had a 260 that I was going to be doing a conversion and restoration on but realized it would probably be much more of a headache than anything given my limited shop space and time restrictions. I saw this one and it was so close to what my end goal was anyhow so I went ahead and bought it. There are a few things about it I plan to change in the future but not much. But I'm proud to call myself the owner of this one.
  10. Went to a show today and decided I'd enter the car. The competition between imports was very limited so I figured I had it in the bag, and did end up winning best import. Expected that was probably all I'd win and they continued through the categories and made it to the final, best in show. And wouldn't you know it, I won that too! I thought it was extremely odd that among 50-100 thousand dollar garage queens and 200 other cars, my little Z took the victory. I was pretty excited but at the same time felt bad for all the guys who dump 10's of thousands into their Camaro's, Chevelle's etc
  11. So I just bought my latest z, and it has a sbc that I don't know much about. The only info I could find in the receipts covered the rebuild and assembly but nothing too specific. The day after I got it I went out check all the basic settings to see where they were at and I'm glad I did, the distributor bolt was loose! I'm having troubles finding a good setting for the timing and mixture screws on the 4 barrel Edelbrock, which were 3 1/2 turns out from snug. I know it varies from motor to motor but I was wondering what a good base setting is then I can fine tune from there. It has a mild cam al
  12. Thanks. It has a 700r4 in it so I'm good there. I'll want a manual someday but this being a rebuilt transmission I might have done time before that's necessary.
  13. Thanks, that's definitely a good idea to get it up on a lift. I looked underneath best I could but I know it's just an entirely different angle getting it up in the air. I know he has been trying to sell it for a while and has come down on the price in that time. One thing I know for sure I'd want to change eventually is the body kit. It's not too obnoxious, but I've just never been too much a fan of them. I'd prefer the stock look.
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