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  1. well part of me wanting to get a Z is the fact that i enjoy working on cars...i am looking forward to taking the engine apart and cleaing / freshening up the motor and being able to say that "I built this", not i bought this then droped it in my car.. i am just looking forward to spenidng weekends out in my garrage tearing the car apart and the engine and rebuilding / cleaning eveything for both the car and engine..
  2. nice project..looks like you know what you want from this.. i will be starting a similar project soon.. can't wait... i'll be following this though... good luck
  3. I did search on here and on internet.. i have seen posts talking about p90's pairing it on various heads and modifying them.. i have seen posts about people looking for a specific year p90 head.. based off that it looks like the 83's have that head.. but didn't see a break down of what years came w/ the P90 head on the L28ET
  4. great.. thanks alot.. very informative... i tried looking at garrets page.. but couldn't find that nfo..
  5. so your saying.. stock motor.. stock internals.. megasquirt.. boost controller. and injectors?
  6. well i want this to be my project car.. want to take my time with it and build it right..
  7. so.. if i do my refersher rebuild on the engine.... stock turbo and waste gate.. down pipe with exhaust.. intercooler.. megasquirt.. coil pack, fuel pump and injectors.. get around 250rwhp.. and if that gets boring.. then i can upgrade the turbo
  8. so you recomend that turbo w/ the stock wastegate.. not an external wastegate.... what is the difference between the trim and the a/r?
  9. so i am in the planning stages of my build.. L28ET.. refresher rebuild.. P90 head.. cleaned.. decked.. valve job.. Megasquirt, coil, injectors, fuel pump, intercooler, exhaust.. boost controller so that is the basics of the build.. but the quesiton lies with the turbo.. what turbo / size would be best for this app... i was thinking of pairing with a NA cam, looking for approx 15psi w/ a fast spool.. Stock Turbo T3/T4e .50 trim T4 Halset
  10. Thanks for all the info.. helps me make some choices.. with regards to the overlap w/ the NA cam and stock turbo.. would i be better off going w/ the t3/t4 and the na cam.... i was thinking of going possibly the megasquirt efi.. not sure if it pretains to the turbo L series engines.. but i have read alot of posts about these engines being designed to rev to 7000rpm.. is this doable.. or wantable on a turbo engine? i have seen a few people using the Halset hy35 turbo... how would that rate w/ this application?
  11. yes there is.. and i read through it.. it does give tech info about it.. i just wanted to comparte it to the popular T3/T4.. and get peoples opinions.. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=117018&highlight=Holset+FAQ
  12. Did the search already.. read the posts.. most say similar things.. just that they got one. or what size they are running.. or looking to get.. not too much about efficiency.. and spool times.. i have found posts about max boost..
  13. i did search.. but didn't find to much.. all i know is its a dodge cummings turbo..
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