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  1. purchased. thanks! please delete
  2. Paypal ready. PM me! I'll buy them today!
  3. Pat, I messaged you because im looking for an oil pan.
  4. Swap a new one in. Cant afford a reliable rebuild with forged pistons.
  5. Finally found time to do some tests. Screwdriver test pretty much made a definitive diagnosis of rod-knock. Was able to push the screw driver down and it went down slowly, not like a click. Probably a bearing that's beginning to wear away. Thanks again for the feedback!
  6. Oh geez. Never buy engines from Japan Star. Regardless, thanks for the help guys. I'll do a few more diagnostic tests but I thought rod knock in the back of my mind and was hoping that there were other issues which made this sound.
  7. timing is set to stock. Everything about the engine is stock including turbo.
  8. Ok got the video to upload. The car runs perfectly fine! You can hear the turbo spooling and nothing feels off. To answer your question of whether it has good power? I don't know since I never drove an RB before. I own a 09 wrx so if I were to compare the two, the wrx reaches boost a lot faster (Rb takes forever) and pulls a lot harder and my wrx is currently stock. I do suspect something is off with the boost since it doesn't pull as hard as I would expect an RB to but maybe that's just my unrealistic expectations. There are no other issues I've seen with the car other than burning oil and this noise. No black smoke or any visible exhaust fumes. Like I said, I was hoping that it was just low on oil and the 3L that was left is low but not AWFULLY low. But I changed that and the noise remains. Engine temp is perfectly fine and has never gone over 190 even on full throttle and 30 min drives. This is all I've checked so far. I am new to RB engines and am at my wit's end. Here is a video of it about a week prior. The only problem at this point was that injector #6 was on and off but since then that has been resolved.
  9. Recently bought and installed rb20 from a gtst on a 260z. Everything on the engine is stock including the turbo. It has less than 52,000 miles on it and compression on all 6 cylinders were perfect. After going for my first "real drive" on the highway I started noticing a rattling sound. I just changed the oil after having it in for 2 weeks and it was all black and only had 3L left over. I expected the oil to be black from the carbon buildup from sitting around all these years. Why it burned the rest? Beats me at this point but im most concerned about this sound which I was hoping would disappear after the oil change. Anybody else experience this before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGGsbxbN6Hs&index=1&list=UUdH8WP3yCgmmuX9vE5lPOEQ
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