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  1. I keep seeing them go for $100-200ish, every penny counts.
  2. Thank you for your kind response but I asked what I asked for a reason. This is not a skill restraint, but instead a time restraint.
  3. Before you say it, yes I already checked the map info sharing thread in the FAQ. The only one that matches what I need was posted in 2006 and has long since 404d. Anyways I've got a MS1 V2.2 board running fuel only, hoping somebody has a decent map to save me a little bit of time. Bone stock L28e out of an 81ZX, Innovate LC-2 wideband, GM temp/IAT sensors, and the 240SX TPS.
  4. Looking for a stage 2 or 3 for a street build, PM me offers.
  5. Was about 2cm across and flat. Edges were rounded other than the insides of the little overhangs.
  6. Dropped the 5speed out of the ZX I bought as a parts car and when I was draining the oil I found a little clip looking thing stuck to the plug. Drew a picture of what it looked like in MSpaint, can anyone identify what it is? I had no shifting issues for the week I drove it.
  7. Triple the money? The additional cost is going to be $250 max and for that I'm going to be able to enjoy my car much sooner so I'm really not seeing what you're on about.
  8. No trigger wheel, just a signal off the coil? I can deal with that. So that leaves me with needing a TPS, IAT and what else? I'm assuming the temp sensors already in the block can be used? Actually I was planing on going with a Haltech Elite when the time for the RB30 comes, but to do that I'm gonna have to follow the thread title and be a cheapskate for now Though things like the wideband and gauges that will transfer over in between the two setups I will splurge on soon.
  9. Alright, little bit of backstory first. I've recently finished restoring my 260z body and suspension wise and am currently building up an RB30 on a stand. I'm not on a very high budget though so the build is slow and it's going to be a bit under a year before I can afford all the parts. What I wanted to do was throw in a L28 temporarily just so I could scoot around to car shows and such. So, what I did was bought a $400 280ZX off craigslist and yanked the motor/trans. Now here comes the reason I'm posting in the MS forum. Everything wiring wise on this car is screwed. Every plastic conne
  10. Eh, a little under a year wouldn't be a bad estimate. Some of the things I'll need to set up anyways such as fueling, wideband and some other wiring. There's a couple shows early this year that i'd really like to make it out to so worth it to me. I'm considering at this point just ripping the harness out of a junkyard ZX and just kinda stuffing it under the hood.
  11. yeah, not going turbo or anything, just want the bare minimum to get this thing moving while I'm building up an RB on the stand. My buddy happened to have a MS2 laying around for me to use.
  12. MS forum? I saw the MS subsection in the FAQ and there was some good info but I'm mostly just looking to see what others are running as far as sensors and wiring. I'm also reading through the megamanuals but there's quite a lot.
  13. Alright, pretty simple question. I have these three things: L28 out of an 81 ZX Megasquirt 2 with 10' harness 260z What do I need to get this working as cheap as possible? The ZX came with a cut harness so I have none of the original electronics besides what's attached to the engine. From what I've read so far I'm going to need an IAT setup (If somebody could elaborate on what I would need to do there that would be great). wideband sensor (Is the Innovate LC-2 on diyautotunes site a good setup?), and a bunch of misc wiring components. I also saw something about having to use resistors o
  14. Dansport never built a 240, that's a 260. Other than that great video.
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