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  1. I bought a analog dash out of a 87 z trying to replace the digital in my 86. I looked for a speed sensor on the 87 but it was missing I'm assuming it is the speedo insert into the trans. is this correct? I know the 86 had a cable from the trans to a sensor under the hood.
  2. Thanks, as far as mounts it's pretty much solid mount. I used the dett mounts on the engine and redrilled the holes on the z31 using a 1/4" nylon bushing between the two. On the trans I made a cross member and also used the 1/4" nylon bushing setting it nice and low. The wiring wouldn't been as bad if I had gotten the relay box and all with the engine harness but if you take the time It'll all work out. I've been working on it for about a year but not steady, that includes paint. By the time I bought the engine, trans, fly wheel, clutch, pedels, driveshaft, intercooler I was out about $2,800 which isn't too bad. Here's how it started.
  3. Well it's drivable, still working on the inake piping and exhaust. I'm hoping to make it to the exhaust shop this weekend and when I get the megasquirt figured out I ought to be able to do away with the MAF and go with dual filters.
  4. Well right now i'm using the dett ecu but I have purchased a megasquirt. It runs but won't accept full throtle, running lean. I'll post some new pics soon.
  5. has anyone installed a ms-II on their dett, how do you wire the 6 coils?
  6. I appreciate it, hoping to go for a ride soon still working on intercooler piping.
  7. your build looks a little more involved. I had to make a trans cross member, modify the motor mounts, have a driveshaft made, and figure some plumbing and wiring, not to bad compared to what you've started. I also painted it. I started to put a 400 sbc in but figured it would be easier to go nissan. I'm used to sbc I hope I'm not disappointed with the dett in performance. My son has a 04 Spec v and turboed it and it's pretty damn fast, so I thought I would give the ole turbo world a shot.
  8. I still have a little painting to do, I'm thinking of modifying the hood that's why I haven't painted it yet. I appreciate the compliments, just gotta take your time. The way I look at it if someone else can do it why can't I do it, with the acception of equipment.
  9. I just got my intercooler piping, Ihave the stock z31 radiator I think I'm going to have to go with a different one in order to get the intercooler back far enough
  10. I'm just getting into the forum, I'm almost thru with my engine swap,dett into a z31. I'm hoping to be making a test run in afew weeks. My son recently turboed a 04 spec v and then I got the turbo bug. I couldn't find a turbo motor for my 86 300zx so I bought a dett, alot of time and work figuring this one out. I hope I'm impressed!
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