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  1. @z240 i had a set they were stripped off my car when my car got stolen recently , not trying to get new/ refurb . tight on budget , getting used set is fine with me.
  2. the part number on the calipers should say s12w if you have them . S12W Calipers from (’89-’91 4 Runner) + (’89-’95 4×4)
  3. WTB s12w toyota brake calipers preferably located in southern california. please let me know what you have thanks
  4. looking for drive shaft for 5speed T5 transmission.
  5. update car found , stripped...only left with rolling shell. and thieves still on the loose... and paid about $400 to get the car back from impound front end gone, engine gone , fuel tank and all electrical components gone , brakes gone. seems like whoever stole the car took what they needed to get another shell running......
  6. Thanks and heres more pictures of the car. no updates from police yet. drove around the neighborhood a few times last night and didnt find anything.
  7. yes i was trying to sell it , i had a buyer and i took a deposit . car was last seen 11:50 pm 6/19/2014 went out to pick up some stuff came back and the car was gone.
  8. i know this is for newbies intro only but i couldnt post any where else... MY car got stolen!!! last seen around 11;50 pm 6/19/2014 monterey park , california 91755 blue 240z license plate : 911TVB VIN: HLS3024235 manual transmission black front bumper with fender mirrors white sticker on right side of rear bumper XXR wheels please notify the police if you see this car. moderators if you see this please move to appropriate place on forums . not trying to cause trouble just seeking help.
  9. because when i bought the car previous owner destroyed the 5 speed that came with the l28et engine. if i can just get the bell housing i can modify to use a new transmission.
  10. if you part the l28et 5 speed trans let me know very interested.
  11. as stated in the title WTB 280zx 5 speed transmission or 5 speed Bell housing please let me know what you have. im located in southern california 91755
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