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  1. GoT my motor out today. Now I get to finish up my wiring, and sort out my fuel systems.. I also got my shifter extender mounted up
  2. Another tiny update I got my boost gauge mounting figured out. It's on the old fuse box cover, and I used the turbosmart hoohood upside down to angle the gauge towards the driver seat for better visibility
  3. Quick text update. I've got my dash wired up and the car wiring to match. No the only thing left to wire is the ass end of the car, then I can pull the motor and finish the fuel system and engine bay and then I should be nearly done.
  4. My car is not running. It's got the pseudo dbw setup. It has a throttle cable but if I understand it right all it does is twist an empty shaft with a position sensor aND there's another with a throttle blade that's computer controlled. If it causes issues I will replace it but I have other priorities
  5. That sucks man. You'll have plenty of time to finish her up. I got back from school and it took me almost a month to actually start work on mine again when I got home from school. I've got the whole front end wiring situated. Just gotta do the rear stuff now...
  6. Yeah. That's where Im at with it. Too much money for almost no reason. Any who. Updates. Still no pics because meh. I've got the entire front end of the car wired up. All I've got left to wire is the rear lights, fuel pumps and the dash wiring. But I've still got to pull the motor to finish some shit. But it should be running soon
  7. Also, i had an urge to do a RHD swap, dont know why and its not going to happen, lol
  8. Thanks man, Hoping to kick my ass into gear and make up for some lost time when i get home this weekend, but knowing my luck those deutsch connectors wont be here until i start work again on monday...
  9. gotta love the "while I'm at it" list that never stops growing
  10. Hurry up and finish your car so you can post pictures and give me some inspiration...
  11. 5 Month bump, for shits Almost nothing has gotten done in the last few months, I got some minor wiring projects done, mostly just got the fuse box mounted and wired the column controls. I have been away for school via my job, so i havent been able to do anything to the car, besides dream and get myself psyched up to get it running. I go home this weekend, and my goal is to get it running solid before i come back up for school again in january Anyway, i decided that i was unhappy with the cheap ass connectors that i bought, so i spent way too much money and bought a set of DEUTSCH DT weatherproof connectors with a tol as seen here http://www.amazon.com/Deutsch-Connector-Kit-451-With-Crimp/dp/B006QMKPV0/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1413164715&sr=8-8&keywords=deutsch+DT+connectors I got a 300 piece kit for 100 bucks less, still is an asston of money though... I work for caterpillar, and ive seen these connectors used, and the way they work, how easy they are to pull apart, and how well the crimp tool works made it a nobrainer for me to spend the dough and pony up for the kit. Should make for a much nicer install then the cheapo split crimp disconnects i got. Anyway heres a short list of the things that i can remember that i need to do on the car -Finish wiring, Basically everything in the dash, all the front and rear lights and the alternator, battery, ETC. Luckily the column controls and the ECU are almost entirely wired, so ive at least got a start. -Once the wiring is finished, Remove the motor -Minor refinish of the engine bay, basic smoothing and paint. -Finish the motor mounts, if im feeling insane i may redo them, as im planning on getting a better TIG/Stick welder combo, and im not 100% satisfied with the quality of the MIG welds on my current mounts, or the design for that matter. Same with the trans mount, which is ugly as sin. -FInish up lines for the motor, mostly just sorting out heater hoses, -Run fuel lines, IM currently debating whether or not to keep the High presure pump behind the passengers tire, or to move the surge tank and HP pump to the spare tire well to cut down on the fuel lines at the front of the engine... Its something i will have to debate before i get back home. I think if i do that, i will probably build a custom surge tank with an in-tank pump, or maybe even modify my gas tank to be in-tank to cut down on the clutter... -Disassemble the trans, and swap it to my modified shifter, which i may cut apart to ensure that the welds on the extension are up to par. -Fix the gaping chasm of a trans hole that i had to butcher together. -Reinstall the motor, get it running, and ruin my tires... Overall theres not too much work left to get this thing running, my only problem will be finding the time to work on it, however if i can get my other project sold, the Z can get the garage space and it will be much easier to work on it.
  12. ive heard that the STI rear diffs are good to about 450 lb ft or so, so you should be alright. it swaps out really easy too, i have a torsen diff out of an 08 sti in my Z with the wolf creek stubs and all i had to do was swap the pinion flange, pop the stubs in and swap the mustache studs and it bolted right in
  13. its kind of weird how similar our builds are, i ended up going with a rebel wire harness because i heard some iffy things about the EZ's quality, but you get how it goes.. IM about 1/3 done with my wiring, but im not going to be able to work on my car for a few months...
  14. i think i paid just under 300 with 2 10" fans for my last car current cars radiator was bought by a friend when he owned it, so i dont know what he paid, FWIW These fans http://www.ebay.com/itm/380376743400?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 fit IMMACULATELY side by side between the two side bars on the champion, I have yet to see if they work well, but they were cheap and i was broke at the time, lol
  15. I used the Champion on my LS1 car, and i have one in my current car, its a pretty decent piece for the price
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